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If you are debating putting your condo or house on the market, there are a few simple steps you should consider prior to doing so.  Your goal is to sell your home at its highest possible price in the least amount of time.  Here are some simple tips on how to do it:


1.            Clean house Make sure your home is in tip top shape.  You want your home to look as if it is a model home, fully furnished with limited wear and tear.  You should ask yourself the following questions:

·         Do you have carpets with some stains on them? Hire a carpet cleaning service (Chicago Carpet Cleaning).

·         Is your basement a huge storage closet for your old clothes? Straighten it up and get rid of all your old items, maybe even donate them (Tax Write Off) Salvation Army

·         Do you have walls with some marks or holes on them from an old frame?  Patch it up and paint them. 

If you don’t have the time to do these things, I would recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to help you out Cleaning Service - Chicago.  It is worth the money! 


2.            Exterior of your home Make your home has great curb appeal.  The outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers will notice.  It is the first photo that shows up in online searches as well.  Make sure that your lawn, bushes, and tress are freshly manicured.  Your goal is to make a good first impression. What better way to do it than by making the first thing they see stand out!


3.            Know your market value You need to know realistically what your home is worth prior to listing it.  Just because Zillow says it is worth X amount of dollars, does not mean it is.  There are a couple of options: 1) Hire an experienced agent like myself that knows the Chicago’s West Loop area 2) Hire an appraisal company to conduct a full appraisal on your home (Anywhere Appraisals).  Whatever you list your home for, you will need to make sure that any offer you get would appraise out so that the potential buyers would not be turned down for a loan.


4.            Hire an experienced real estate agent to market your home - Marketing is extremely important in selling your home.  If no one knows about it, how will it sell?  Real estate agents have a large network of potential buyers and investors. In addition to that they have the tools to get your home out to the public.  For instance, when I list a home there are many techniques I use to market it.  Some of those include: a custom website for your home, submission to all top search engines, email blasts to all local brokers and investors, a listing on the MLS, social media marketing (Facebook and YouTube), professional photography, videography, staging, and open houses.  Every agent is different, but do not settle for anything less than the listed marketing tools.  Your real estate agent should have access to all of these, if not, your home will not get the exposure it needs in order to sell.


5.            Know how much you will profit What is the point of selling your home if you are unaware of how much you will profit?  There are many closing costs. Figure out what those are and deduct those from your predicted selling price. 


If you stick by these general tips prior to listing your home, you should have no issues with selling it in a timely manner at the price you want.  If I can assist you in anyway, please feel free to contact me with all of your real estate needs.  If you are just looking for a quick answer, I am here to assist you as well.


- West Loop Chicago’s Real Estate agent, Nicholas Conteduca.


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Ronald Baskin

Great article. I own a carpet cleaning company in Michigan http://www.carpetcleaningfarmhls.com and we always recommend that people freshen up their carpets before listing their homes. It smells fresh and looks cleaner. Thanks for posting.

Mar 07, 2018 02:30 PM

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