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I have a bachelor degree in business administration, getting this degree was a goal of mine that took me 9 years to achieve.  While some finish their degrees in 4 years - I was faced with working while going to school and balancing the two.  Personally, I think I learned so much more from the real world work experience than actual college classes, but I want to tell you today about the most important thing I learned in college.  Its no formula, its no science and wont make me rich... well, but maybe it will...  

I had no idea that my very first course I took in college would  be the most influential and life changing. It was a course called "strategies for success" seemed like your basic, get used to college classes with an easy A course but it wasn't.  What I learned in this course I have taken with me every step of my career and life.  I want to share it today.

Our sub conscious controls how we respond to all situations.  That little voice inside our heads, often times negative and self loathing is in control of our overall outcome of how we live our life.  We may feel like we are in control, but our subconscious is calling the shots.  So, the only solution  is to train our subconscious and take back control of our destiny.   Here is how we  can do that, positive affirmations.  

Take this challenge...

Write down on a piece of paper who you would like to be in short sentences that are phrased as if you already are. For example, if you wanted to be debt free, you would write "I am debt free"  if you wanted to lose weight you could write the exact weight you want to be " I weigh ?# pounds."  You want to stop smoking, write " I don't Smoke"... The trick is to write it as if you already are what you want to be using "I, I am, I have, I make, I don't" etc. 

Now, the next step is the most important - You must read these affirmations at least once a day out loud. This will over time train your subconscious to accept your affirmations as truth.  You will find that if you this positive changes will occur. Its not an overnight thing, so you have to make it a part of your life to see results.   

I don't do new years resolutions. But every year on January 1st I write down my new affirmations and review my old.  I have been doing this for 3 years now.  The crazy thing, and why I am writing this blog in the first place, is that at the end of the year, I can see every affirmation I wrote has come true or is on track to becoming a reality in the near future.  This works!  I challenge you to write down you goals as if you have already achieved them - program your subconscious and enjoy the successes of positive affirmations!

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I agree affirmations focus the mind and help us direct our actions.

Oct 24, 2014 01:49 AM