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Think Outside Of The BoxThink outside of the box

With the over 25K of visitors our business gets in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I encounter thousands of guests visiting from Florida. It is not unusual to hear the following phrase: "Oh, we want to move here so much, but we'll have to wait until the kids are out of school, and we are retired". 

One thing I have learned in my almost 60 years of living is that a lot of people wish, make plans but will not do anything about those plans until it is too late. My wife and I were in the same boat. Having lived in Florida for ove thirty years, we had very often discussed making a change to our hectic lifestyles; we very often discussed getting rid of stress, move to an area with four seasons, simplify our lives. Never did a darned thing about it except dreamed. Until we visited the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2007. Came up for a short stay and ended up staying. Sold our Florida homes, sold our business, quit jobs and simply moved to the mountains. 

Being an entrepreneur, owning our own business was the way to go, so after purchasing our two acres in the Aska Adventure Area, we first opened a coffee shop, which was simply not making it given the market in 2008. Being successful means falling many times just to get up again, re-think what you are doing, adjust accordingly and move on. That was years ago, and through the hurdles of running and expanding a business, we simply managed to find the right combination. We now own (the same two acres) a business that caters for family activities - mountain activities - offering gem mining, fishing and miniature golf - to the thousands of tourist visiting the area. Through the years we built an amazing reputation, a great following, awesome market share and return customer base.  Simply put, we built a very successful business, totally different to anything we did in our previous lives. (I am an architect, a general contractor and my wife worked in the defense industry)

Not only did we build the existing business, but added more acreage and developed two very related business ideas, which would simply turn this property into a multi-million dollar concern.

See the Lilly Pad Village Website

Here is the kicker. As I mentioned before, I am one year away from being 60 and it is simply time to get to travel a bit more; see the grand kids a bit more and enjoy nature a bit more. 

Lilly Pad VillageSo, after a long struggle with the circumstances, we have decided to sell. Who is our ideal buyer? Why, certainly one of our visitors from Florida. With all the "I wish we could move ..." I hear every day, it is simply getting to that market, and offer a turn key mountain lifestyle, where all the work has been done.

The ideal buyer would simply step into a ready and successful business - earn money from day one; leave the business as is or simply follow some of the business plan we had developed and grow. 

Live and work at the same place - our commute to work is one minute walk - a bit more if you stop to feed the fish or fill up the bird feeders. Enjoy being a big fish in a small pond, earn a good living, be part of a great community and neighborhood, live a stress free, crime free life and if you are adventurous enough, explore the hundreds of hiking trails in the area.

So, we are looking for someone who:

  • likes to think outside of the box
  • wants great schools and an amazing environment for their children
  • wants a "ready to earn money from the get-go" business
  • is looking to move to the mountains and have the move pay for itself
  • who is energetic and creative enough to perhaps take this business a few steps further (although this really is optional)
  • who loves nature, fresh air and great water
  • who is looking for a community that is friendly and neighborly

Please forward this blog and pass it on - help someone achieve his/her dream, like we did ours.

If I did this right, this post will reach Florida readers and Realtors. If I did this right, I hope this post will circulate and will be passed around by readers to help us find the right person to take on our legacy. If I did this right, hopefully I shall hear back with lots of comments, suggestions and contact information.

BUT - either way, I am sure I did this right, because our stress free life will not allow us to worry. The right person WILL come along, and until then, we live the life we wanted, we earn good money and we breathe fresh air - I do miss the grand kids though :-)

Great opportunity for the right person!

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