5 Reasons Why Fall Is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

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Why fall is a good time to sellEvery  Season Has It’s Advantage!

While summer can be the hot season for selling a home, fall can be just as good.  Here are 5 reasons why fall is a good time to sell your home.

1- Less Competition
Fall is the second busiest season in real estate.  It can be somewhat slower than summer since there are fewer homes listed for sale. This can be a huge advantage for sellers who want to sell. Fewer homes equal less competition. If buyers have fewer homes to look at, your home will stand out more.

2- Serious Buyers
Buyers looking for a home in the fall tend to be serious about finding a home. They have either sold their home and need to find another or they might be transferring in from another area. With fewer homes to look at the fall buyer can be less demanding and more cooperative.

3- Quicker Sale
With fewer homes on the market in the fall; price can be a huge factor in attracting the buyer to your home. Most buyers shopping in the fall are looking to close fast and less likely to haggle if the property meets their needs.

4- Weather
Weather can play a big part in how long it might take to get a buyer for your home. With that being said even a snow storm in the Northern Virginia area can only delay things by a few days as buyers tend to get cabin fever.

5- Holidays
The Holidays can be one of the best times to have your home in the market. The festive décor and the aroma in the air is and open invitation to consider me first.

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It's Fall and I'm listing a great home this afternoon.  Buyers are out 365 days a year!

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