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My husband Scott and I recently moved to the Vermillion subdivision in Huntersville.  Our orange tabby/tiger cat somehow got outside and we're worried that she won't be able to find her way home.  She is 16 years old and is small, but chubby.  Her name is "Ruby" and we miss her very much!  If you think that you see her, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY.

I can be reached at 704-287-6488 and my husband Scott can be reached at 704-287-6480.

There will be a reward offered for her safe return and no questions will be asked.  We really want her to come home soon!!!!

Sara D'Amico



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Patrice Estess
PB APPRAISALS - Kerhonkson, NY
Sarah, that breaks my heart.  I hope that you find her safe and sound and soon...
Apr 03, 2008 04:17 AM

hello i wanted to say i hope you guys find her she is pretty i used to have a orange tigger and mine passed away i missed him so much his name was cuddles i still think of him so much i have a picther of him next to my bed every yime i look at him i cry i love my cuddles so much thats why i cant have another one i dont want it happing to me again reson i named him cuddles because he always cuddle up to me he loves to hug me so i hope you guys find ruby she is a very pretty girl orange tiggers are my fraviet breed is orange tigger plaese read and wright back to me  sara or scott one of you guys can wright back to me ok reson why he passed away is something was attaking his blood cells plase wright back and let me know you found that pretty girl ruby kimberly

Jan 04, 2011 11:58 AM