A message to Home Sellers from a Buyer Agent!

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Dear Sellers,

You have decided to sell your home and you have hired a REALTOR to help sell your home in Woodbridge, Virginia...GREAT!

As a buyer agent that will be showing your home, I am working with  clients who have entrusted me to help them find a home hopefully YOUR home. I typically take buyers out during business hours of 10-5 so that we can reach loan officers if we need them and your  agent with questions.  It is typically a time when  you the sellers are at work and it helps not to disturb your dinner time when you get home from your busy day!

I always have my buyers pre-approved and only take them house hunting  when they are ready , willing and able buyers.  So  I want to share with you my recent experiences house hunting which  been less than productive. On Friday I had six homes my clients were interested  in seeing.  All were town homes priced in the 325-375 range. So as usual I called the showing contact as per  the instructions on the MLS only to learn.


  • House 1- My buyers were very excited about this house it looked perfect on line.  Sadly the seller would not allow to be shown because she was not at home and their were dogs in the house loose. She asked if we could come visit when she gets home from work  between 6 and 8 pm or 1 hour notice on Saturday and Sunday! NO we will be done for the day... and hopefully under contract by the weekend...NEXT!
  • House 2 - I called and got recorder and left message when we would be by to see the home.  I  indicated  I would use the lock box and leave a card also left my phone number. Only to get their and the storm door was locked and lock box was inside the door...GRRRR!!! This home looked like they spent a fortune redoing the baths and kitchen for today's buyer.. To bad they missed mine!
  • Home 3- listing required we give sellers one hour notice so I we put that in the back of the stack to show later in the afternoon only to find the home was Vacant. The home looked amazing  a kitchen to die for and the yard was the best I had ever seen on a town home but the Dog smell was overwhelming! What a waist of time!

I joked with buyer Oh if  only the internet had a smell button that would be really helpful and a time saver on that one!!

  • Home 4- I called and left message with my phone number  and even called the agent  and she said owner worked from home and usually answers. Well No she did not so we went and sure enough she was home I could see we caught her off guard but she was gracious and gathered the dog up and took him for a walk and allowed us to see the home. It was not in showing order but we were glad to see a home at this point! The home showed well except the carpt in every room needed replacing. Thank you Mrs. Seller you tried!
  • Home 5- Was appointment only with 24 hrs notice so that one was put in trash can!
  • Home 6 - Was lovely and showed well although the bathrooms all had seen their better days they were clean but were not updated in any way and just did not meet my buyers wish list.


Are you kidding me!!


Sellers I hope I am not describing your home and I need you to know as a Buyer Agent right now days on market are increasing in most price points and we have a good amount of inventory. When you put your home on the market it is your product. Think  about if you were walking into it your home the first time would  you want to buy it?


  • Lights should be on yes all day if needed.
  • Blinds Open
  • Music Playing
  • Pick up and have things in order.
  • Declutter you want the home to look like their is plenty of room!
  • Lockbox Access for Agents to show is a must.
  • Forget about Appointment Only you will be loosing buyers
  • Please leave when a Buyer comes to visit with an agent otherwise the buyer may not be ale to look with ease  
  • Pets should be caged or put in a room with a gate and instructions for the showing agent. Your pets Love Visitors really they do!

Anything less than the above is tying your listing agents hands to do what you hired them to do!


Homes in great showing condition sell first!

   It  is just a matter of attracting the right buyer. Buyers choose your home after seeing it on line these days. Your agents pictures of your home if good quality draw the buyer to you along with features  price and location description. our Listing agent is marketing your home and it is working. Now it is your turn to shine you control CONDITION buyers are looking at it for size, street appeal compared to neighboring homes, and how it feels and smells compared to the others they have selected to see that day!


You have one chance  with a buyer Don't blow it!!


Moral of the Story:

Buyers look at hundreds of homes on line and only need to visit  four or five to make a final decision these days. That is the power of the internet and the marketing your agent is doing on our behalf. Buyers are fickle they will buy pass your home  on line if the pictures do not show well and if you have no pictures FORGET ABOUT IT ! Once the buyer has made the commitment to buy and they have made the commitment to take off work to house hunt they do not want their time wasted and will  move to another home. They are ready to make a decision quickly! 


My buyers schedule a second day to house hunt and it was a much better day we loooked at five homes made a decision based on the best one that met their needs, wants and wishes.


My buyers did not go back to see any of the homes they could not get into. A home owner actually called me ( not their  listing agent) to see if they could schedule a time and I had the pleasure of telling them my buyers have already made a decision on another home. No second chances buyers  have many options these days.


My years in New Homes Sales taught me your home is your showcase you have one chance to make an impression. The same is true for your home!


If you need help finding a home in the Prince William County or Fairfax County area  I would be honored to help you as a Buyer Agent Contact me now


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