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Fitzimons Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

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Fitzimons Yesterday Today and Tomorrow


I learned some very interesting facts recently at the Aurora Association of Realtors Marketing meeting.  Our speaker spoke about Fitzsimons, past, present and future. In July 1920, the facility was formally renamed the Fitzsimons Army Hospital after Old FitzLt. William T. Fitzsimons, the first American medical officer killed in World War I.  it's primary use was for the treatment of casualties from chemical weapons in Europe and for Denver's reputation as a prime location for the treatment of tuberculosis.   Fitzsimons is very important to the City of Aurora and a great provider of Jobs.   Our speaker started by telling us that the City of Aurora fought hard to keep Fitzsimons open when it was on the BRAC list for closure.   The City did not want to lose the 4,000 jobs that were associated with the Army medical base.   It closed in 1999.   

Today Fitzsimons employs over 23,000 employees and when fully developed will employ over 43,000.  It has a larger economic impact that all of the CO ski resorts combined.

 As part of the development, the golf course will eventually close and be developed into more in-frastructure.  Fitzsimons is a square mile of medical care, technology, education and housing.  It is constantly changing as new buildings are being built all the time.    A Hotel and conference center will also be built across Colfax from Fitzsimons.  

The Housing around Fitzsimons   

The average sold price of a home near Fitzsimons has increased from $108,000 in 2007 to $180,000 in 2014 The average list price is currently  $186,500.  To search for homes near Fitzsimons go to DenverAreaHomes.com