"Nourish: The best habit I started while in Austin" by Kasia Olek

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"Believe. Empower. Transform." That's the motto of just one of the unique cafes that have been sprouting up throughout the metro area for the past few years. Since more people are becoming interested in their overall health—and ignoring the slop of processed foods from "drive-thrus"—many juicing businesses are being launched into the mainstream due to their simple goal of revitalizing consumers.

While I was in Austin for "Mega Camp," an annual pilgrimage I take to network and learn from the best in KW and the industry, I had the worse time sleeping. Despite getting back to my room relatively early every day, I was not able to knock off until until about 1 am, and still occasionally woke up only a few hours later. Even more worrisome is the fact that I had (and have) been doing the "Miracle Morning" challenge, so the self-help habit was there, but I was still plagued by nervous energy, considering why I was Austin to begin with.

To make it worse, those of us at Mega Camp were eating very poorly and inconsistently because of our crazy schedule of planned social interactions and classes. I decided to challenge the stress with something new; so, I Googled a juice place. Perhaps, I thought, I'll able to start my days off right. I found Daily Juice—it was a quick 15 minute walk from the hotel, which was fabulous. I left for Daily Juice right after sunrise. Mind you, on three separate occasions of venturing off to juice-land, random people that I had met in the elevator decided to join me. Of course, once the monsoon swept in, I missed the juicing and chats for a few mornings.

Before I even returned to Tulsa, I knew that this routine wouldn't abruptly end once I was back to my normal grind; I remembered that Nourish Cafe was actually on my way to work. Once Monday hit, I stopped to check it out. And I am so glad that I did; I fell in love!

This little juice bar truly looks like a French cafe, with its beautiful patio and awning, white and blue woven chairs with marble-like tables. Besides the menu you'd expect to see, they can prepare drinks for those of us that must take it "to-go." The right flavor and combination is a great way to lift your mood throughout the workday, especially if you stock up (I am very guilty of that).

The staff is pleasant and helpful. And how could they not be? If I worked with whole fruits and vegetable all day, I'd have a permanent grin and flawless skin to match. They helped me go over the options enough to push me to try out the "3 day cleanse." I left with a cool bag and, you guessed it, a 3 day supply—plus, a nice bottle (which reminds me of an adult sippy). Seems fitting, considering I have the energy of a child when I'm on the stuff. Please sir, may I have sa'more?

One of the best parts, aside from feeling amazing, is the drink names: dirty blonde, summer love, what's up doc, sexy Yowza. . . For me, the names are enough to try 'em out! This one little tweak in my routine has already made a difference. I am more focused, and as a result, I have the utmost confidence that I am leading my sales team with better clarity. I guess you could say the Aussie Real Estate Team is feeling healthy and invincible in our goal of helping 120 family by the end of the year. 

Cheers to you if you decide to try it too! I'll see you there. ;)

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