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In the past, and today, many real estate brokers use an in-house Transaction Coordinator. This strategy has proven too expensive for many especially when the work load slows down. The cost of a full-time employee's wages, contributions, training, and retention does not always make sense especially when sales slowdown. 

Brokers are always faced with the burden of document and file storage and we are to help as well. We provide secure Full document/File storage as part of our service easing your mind where is your files in case of an audit.


My company SUMMIT TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT SERVICE takes pride in performing Transaction management for brokers all over the nation and we offer an array of affordable alternatives by flawlessly integrating our services with  companies, work in the back end, representing your company and all of your Office's transactions.  We cover every single transaction generated by your office! This way in the slow time you can budget accordingly and provide your entire office the flexibility and convenience of  a team of professional transaction coordinators that are here to cater to your agents and staff.

Hiring a Transaction Coordinator is the most affordable and smartest thing a Broker or agent can do to increase their business and bottom line. Visit to learn more!