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Vampire Electronics

"Vampires in Your House"


Well, I missed my calling and should have posted this on Halloween.  However, the information is still viable, and better late than never.


Are you shocked at the amount of your electric bill each month?  I am sure you think about all the times you reminded your family to turn off the lights and TV when not in use.   Well what about those “Vampire Electronics”!!  Know what those are?  If you are not sure, start with one room, turn out the light, and see what small little lights you see around the room.  Those phone chargers soaking up electricity even though it is not charging up the phone.  Chargers for iPods, computer chargers, and other various gadgets we all have these days.  Do you have a guest room with lamps and a TV plugged in, but the room is seldom used.  Unplug those appliances until time for use.


Take a look at the kitchen.  How about that microwave you won’t use again until in the morning, what about the coffeemaker, hmmm the toaster, you might not use that for a couple days.  Unplug these items.  Feel like it is going to be a pain in the neck unplugging all those kitchen items, plug them all into one power strip, and simply turn off the strip.


Think about nationwide how much energy these gadgets collectively use.  According to USA Today* idle gadgets consume more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year.  This adds up to $10 billion in energy costs, according the EPA.


Don’t bypass those “Vampires” in your home.




USA  Today. Kim Kimando, October 26, 2012


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