100% Financing Still Available

Mortgage and Lending with Atlantis Mortgage

100% is still available... FHA/VA loans are still available in every market area and with the cooperation from a seller you can get your buyers into the home of their dreams with no money down!!! Stated Income Stated Asset Loans still available, also Stated income Verified assets still out there as well... Full doc to 100% and with the availability to price loans with over 50 banks we also have the BEST PRICING AVAILABLE!!! Fully amortizing rates starting @ 5.25% Instant approvals through automated underwriting!!! Approved with Chase, Flagstar, Citi, M&T, GB Home loans (Still doing HELOCS to 95%) SunTrust, ALONG with many others.




Construction to perm

Home Equity Line of Credit (2nd Mortgage)

Reverse Mortgage

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