The Good and The Bad of Home Inspections

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We have all heard that a home inspection is something you should absolutely have done before the purchase of any property. I absolutely agree with this. It's essential to have an honest reliable competent person examine a property from top to bottom and point out all the current and future problems with the property. This will give the buyer of the property some additional assurances that the property is in the condition in which they believe it is being represented and also allow for further negotiation if there are problems with the property in which the buyer cannot live with. However, many times we see "Home Inspectors" who seem to be more concerned with killing the sales transaction than performing the job in which they were hired to do. I recently had a deal in which there were 1st time home buyers purchasing my listing which was a very well taken care of property. Of course it did have the usual problems which the owners did not know existed or merely overlooked. However the home inspector insisted on finding fault with many other items which were cosmetic in nature or engineering details which he didn't like and thought should be pointed out to the buyer. This is a situation where you already have a very nervous 1st time home buyer and a over zealous home inspector who is trying to talk the buyer out of purchasing a property because he isn't happy with some engineering details or cosmetic flaws. Long story short, my sellers did repair/replace the items which needed repaired/replaced along with several other items which I personally would not have done however my seller said "Let's just get it over with". I mean really who asks for a swimming pool skimmer basket to be replaced or the swimming pool water to be replaced because it's old? If we are going to use inspectors, let's make sure we use inspectors that realize what's at stake. Let's make sure they understand people are buying a home and if the home is a resale home, it's going to have some wear and tear. The home is not going to be perfect. They are not inspecting the home to point out scratches on the wall and other cosmetic items. In my opinion, the inspector should be pointing out more major issues or plumbing, heating/AC, roofing, electrical, etc. Don't get me wrong here, I work with buyers and sellers and want to protect both of them equally. I just don't believe "Home Inspectors" need to hold the sale of a home "Hostage" while they point out every single little flaw a home has in order to make themselves look like they are doing a good job. Fortunately the home sold in less than 1 month Bruce Parham 602.418.4876 Solutions Real Estate

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Nov 05, 2014 03:48 AM

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