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Maunawili Kailua Oahu Hawaii RoadsideThose  who know me or follow me on Facebook or my blogs, know that my husband and I take a walk in Hawaii every morning.  We marvel in the beauty of Kaiwainui Marsh, Kailua Beach, Maunawili, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens and other lovely spots found in the lush Windward side of Oahu.

But for all the beauty, there are some who continue to trash our aina.  We’ve taught our children as they were growing up, by example, to always take out more than you took in (hopefully you’ll take in zero so your ratio will be 0/1+).  Towards that end we’ve been carrying garbage bags on the third or fourth walk of the week.

 Especially in and around Maunawili, there seems to be a preference for food and drinks from 7-11 and McDonalds.  On the less populated areas on Maunawili Road it seems people heading up to hike the Falls toss out their drinks and food containers as if the road was their garbage can.  If you bring it in – bring it out and properly dispose of that junk food container.  You’ve come all this way to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, why do you spoil it for other?  Sometimes we’ll find the remains of a stolen backpack or beer bottles from late-night parkers.  Once, a dirty diaper all wrapped up and thrown on the side of the road.

First time we took bags, I only took one to fill up.  We weren’t even half way back out towards home when the bag was full to overflowing.  Next time - two bags, and still all full.  Next time took three bags and filled them up.  Now I take at least three bags and am disappointed to say I fill them up each time.

(Don’t get me started on the people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop- may they live in eternity smothered in dog poop!!)

So if you see us old folk out there walking with garbage bags – give us a wave or a toot of your horn.  And know we are doing our part to keep Aloha and beauty alive in Paradise – by simply takin’ out da trash!!


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