6 Signs You Don't Know Your Beach Manners!

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Great Reminders ... same applies to our beautiful beaches here on the central coast.  We have beautiful winters here with lots of visitors.  Please don't litter and leave the beach the way it was when you came. 

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We love our tourists here in South Florida. We like our snowbirds that stay here each winter to get out of the snow and cold from up north. We welcome the new buyers moving to South Florida. 


South Florida offers some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Our beaches get busy in the winter here. 


South Florida Beach Manners


Please bring your beach manners with you when you visit our beaches. 


6 signs you don't know your beach manners: 


1. Feeding the seagulls! Stop feeding those aggressive birds! Once you start feeding them all the rest of the flock will start swarming all over everyone near you. Personally, I don't like bird poop in my hair one bit!!


2. Leaving your trash on the beach! Remember the scout slogan: Leave No Trace?  Please bring your trash back home with you or dump it in a trash can. We humans and the wildlife love the beauty of the beaches and that does NOT include your soda cans, plastic wrappers and dirty disposable diapers. 


3. Shaking the sand off your towels and beach blankets right in our faces. Make sure you move a very safe distance away from other people when you are shaking off sand. This is super annoying! 


4. Playing your music so loud that we can not hear each other talking. That is why there is such a thing as ear-buds and headphones. Use them please. We like to listen to the sound of the waves not your sound waves. 


5. Do you really have to pee right next to us in the water? Use the bathrooms. 


6. Your football or Frisbee landing right in the middle of our lunch. It is fun to play catch on the beach but please use some courtesy and play a good distance away from other people, especially when they may be taking a nap! 


South Florida Beach Manners


Have fun, stay safe and be courteous. Use your beach manners when you go to the beaches here in South Florida. 


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