What next?

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If you know the answer then your a better man (or woman) than I.  Will prices get better or worse? Will loan rates go up or down?  Who knows, but on the other hand who cares?
Ok maybe that seems a little harsh let me try it this way.

It really does not matter what the real estate market does next it still is the best way to build long term wealth for you and your family.  WHAT!  I know I can hear you now.  Are you crazy Russ the markets crashing, prices are falling, loans are impossible to qualify for. 





I've heard it all before in the 70's, in the 80's, in the 90's, and now once again everyone goes on and on about how bad it is. 

Yes things are down, but what a great time to buy a house if you missed your chance during the price increases over the past couple of years.  What a great opportunity to invest in the rental properties you were looking for. Or maybe your thinking about flipping something wouldn't now be the time to all but steal a home from the bank that needs to sell the foreclosure today.

The opportunities are almost limitless if you just know where to look.  Just don't try getting rich overnight.  Real estate is not about "Get rich quick" it's the place to become wealthy forever.

Till next time here's hoping you find your piece of the American Dream.

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