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Homes to buy near Cerner Campuses in Kansas City

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Are you coming to Kansas City to work for Cerner?  Cerner announced on Wednesday their plans to build a $4.45 Billion complex to add to it's already 6 locations in Kansas City.  The new complex will be built at the old Bannister Mall locaction in S. Kansas City, MO and over time will join with the second complet to be built at 87th St. and I435 and Hwy 71 to be completed over the next 25 years.


Cerner does appear to be in Kansas City for the long haul and is currently hiring around 300 employees per month.  Many of those employees are being hired at the newest location built in the Legends area in Kansas City, KS, but the other 5 offices are all on the Missouri side of Kansas City. 


New employees mean more opportunity for shopping, restaurants and people looking to buy houses. 

1. 2800 Rockcreek Pkwy, Kansas City MO  Homes nearby

2.  1451 Erie St., Kansas City MO   Homes nearby

3.  777 NW Blue Pkwy, Blue Springs MO  Homes nearby

4.  10236 and 10240 Marion Park Dr., Kansas City MO  Homes nearby

5. 10200 Abilities Way, Kansas City, KS    Homes nearby

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