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If you are moving to Louisville, it won't be long before someone tells you to check out Oldham County Schools. If you live in Louisville, chances are you know people who have or will move to Oldham County for the schools. What is so great about Oldham County Schools? Are they really better? Are Jefferson County Schools really that bad? Here's the scoop.

Is Oldham County THAT great, or is Jefferson County just THAT unacceptable? 

My clients want to know! There are good schools in Jefferson County. Many successful, completely self-sufficient people were educated in Jefferson County Public Schools. Many motivated, passionate teachers are doing things right in Jefferson County. Children are learning, growing, flourishing and families are proud of the education system and their children. After living in Jefferson County, residents understand how the system works and grow comfortable with it.  SO WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? 

Buying a home in Jefferson County because it is near the school you want doesn't mean you are for certain, going to that particular school. You are guaranteed a group of schools which means they can send you to any of them in that "cluster". Every address has an assigned "home school", and if all the planets align that is where your child will attend. In some neighborhoods the numbers work out and all the kids are fortunate to attend the desirable school a couple streets over! A handful of schools have a good reputation in the Jefferson County Public School system. Those schools fill up fast and the most sought after schools are filled using a lottery system. Yes. Lottery system.  There are also a handful of schools really struggling in Jefferson County and some parents don't want their children in those schools. Standardized Test scores are public information available on the Jefferson County Public School website and those scores reveal some problems.


1. Private schools are big in Jefferson County. Small private schools are in Louisville, huge private schools are in Louisville. Take your pick-and your wallet! Yearly costs can exceed a year of college tuition and if you have more than one child it gets very expensive. Many homeowners simply refuse to pay school taxes in an area that requires them to send their children to private schools to get the top notch education they are seeking. 

2. Oldham County schools are ranked #1 in the state of Kentucky and some are recognized nationally for providing excellence. Oldham County borders Jefferson County allowing residents to use the amenities in Louisville, keep a reasonable commute to work and offer their children exceptional schools. Three main campuses serve many Oldham County families. North Oldham School in Goshen KY, Oldham County Schools in Buckner and South Oldham Schools in Crestwood. There are additional elementary schools throughout the county that are not located on a campus setting, but all feed into one of the three middle and high schools on a campus setting.

I tread lightly when clients inquire about the schools in Jefferson County versus Oldham County providing factual information and directing them to reliable sources so they can compare "excellence" and come to their own conclusions. These are not conclusions a Realtor can draw for a client. We all measure excellence differently, placing value on certain aspects most likely derived from our own experiences.  As parents we tend to want to give our children the things that made us happy (sometimes give them what we wish we had) and shield them from experiences in which we suffered. The "perfect school" is as unique as the "perfect house"...it is different for everyone.  No matter what your choice, Natalie Casto Real Estate will help you find it!


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