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Article Links and Resources on Baton Rouge Sunroom values from a Home Appraiser's perspective.  Also relevant for carport or porch enclosures. 

Is a Sunroom or caport enclosure actual legal heated and cooled "living area" or just an extra amenity?  Is vinyl siding or original plywood porch ceiling adequate to qualify as  "Living Area"  I try to answer this question below.


sunroom values baton rouge


I was just asked on Facebook where my content was on how Appraisers look at and value Sunrooms.  I know I've written several pieces of content and have tried to provide the best resources below.
NOTE: Links are first and then examples are offered. 

sun room is not living area


Sunrooms can be very "tricky" for the public and REALTORS® to judge value is what category are they in?  Is a Sunroom really living area or just an extra amenity?  My experience over 23 years is that not ALL Agents know how to judge whether a sunroom is technically and based on National A.N.S.I. Standards truly "Living Area".  

"Generally, sunrooms are simply a Personal Preference extra and Not Living Area - Bill Cobb, Appraiser"



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Can a sunroom be included in the gross living area of a home?
Tom Horn SRA Birmingham Appraisal Blog


Baton Rouge Real Estate: Why No Extra Value For Sunroom - LESSONS ON PERSONAL PREFERENCE ITEMS?


Four Areas The Appraiser Will Not Include In Your Homes Square Footage by Tom Horn, SRA

A Square Footage Resource Guide For REALTORS by Tom Horn, SRA


EXAMPLE 1: This IS NOT Heated/Cooled Living Area...It's an extra Sunroom.

This is a FSBO and sellers based their price on this 227sf Sunroom being "Living Area".

Why Is It Not?

1.) Slab was not raised to meet original slab

2.) Ceiling is painted "Plywood", which doesn't meet EBRP Building Code requirements. Drywall is normally the requirement for ceilings because it acts as a heat barrier for a period during fires, generally long enough to residents to exit home.

3.) Walls are still exterior siding. Do you normally have exterior siding for walls in your bedrooms?

4.) While there were central vents to room, it was much, much warmer in this room than in home itself

DON'T Let These Slick Sunroom Salespeoople mislead you into thinking you're adding "Living Area" and increasing the value of your home significantly by adding a Sunroom!

when a sunroom is not living area



EXAMPLE 2:  Sunroom listed in MLS as Living Area WAS NOT Living Area.


Listing Agent in 2014 simply copied 2 previous MLS sheets, copied the "Living Area" stated, without knowing what is "Living Area" and what is not. This is a nice 175sf Sunroom but not living area. Why? Does a normal room in a home have a plastic ceiling and lack insulation? Does the quality of this room match original home? Answer to both is No. This home is actually 175sf smaller than the Living Area stated in MLS and this Purchase Agreement may have to be re-negotiated because #1 the Listing Agent DID NOT bother to measure this home, #2 DID NOT Know what is living area and what is not, and #3 Assumed that just because it was MLS already, the living area was accurate.  In this case, this is a Cash Sale and Buyer wanted to know if this is really living area or not as buyer is asking $25K more than Post Hurricane Katrina price. Don't assume Living Area size is correct on that old MLS Listing you want to copy for a new listing.

Sunroom listed in MLS as Living Area WAS NOT Living Area



To Learn How Baton Rouge Home Appraisals Work: 

To Learn How Baton Rouge Home Appraisals Work


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 NOTE: Square Footage image source is Birmingham Appraisal Blog. 

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