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Lots of sites, online property search sites, open houses and local advertising promote easy links to agents wanting to represent you.  Often sites are reselling your information to random agents who pay to have you sent to them.  Then there are Sellers agents and Buyers agents – Make sure you are the one selecting your agent and that agent is actually representing you.  
Signing up on sites such as Trulia or even means your information is being captured and randomly sold to agents who provided the information that attracted you to the site in the first place.  The agent listing the property is already representing the Seller – not you!

It’s best to select an agent off the agent’s site – not the local Realtor’s site which is alphabetical and doesn’t give you the information you need to make an informed decision (Do you know what GRI even means?) Nor their Brokerage site where they have a complimentary page attached to the broker which doesn’t tell you anything about the agent other than they belong to a big franchise with lots of advertising dollars saying their agents are better because we advertise for them. 
Although the Brokerage in reality “owns” the listings, buyers and clients, they are brought in and serviced by agents of the Brokerage. You want to select YOUR agent and not have a reseller or brokerage tell you who should be your exclusive representative. Yes, you should interview several people, even those referred to you by family and friends.  And then you should commit to that agent.  We all have access to the same information, and a good agent will work hard to find the solution to your real estate needs; but flitting between agents saying whoever finds your home or buyer first wins, ties our hands as we cannot represent you exclusively without your commitment in return. 
Make sure you know who you are giving your information to, how well do they know the market, are they actually doing real estate in the area, and  do they have the expertise to help meet your needs?  Make sure YOU are the one selecting the Agent who is going to negotiate and protect you on the largest financial transaction of your life – whether you are buying, selling or managing property in Hawaii! 
It’s a jungle out there – let me help you find the way!  Call for your private interview. Kate 808-265-6803. 

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