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 When it comes to home remodeling, just about everyone wants to be their own Michelangelo.  Creating an end result that represents your unique style and creative flair is one of those perks that make owning South Florida homes such a wonderful privilege.  While choosing to remodel without the help of a contractor can save you thousands, there are factors that should be adhered to in order to prevent the experience from becoming a nightmare.  Even if you live in a Miami Beach condo where remodeling may be limited, keep these in mind.

Get permission.  Extensive home repairs require permits and as much of an inconvenience as they may be, you should know that homeowner insurance doesn’t cover certain aspects of your home unless there’s a permit for it.

Spend on good materials and buy more than necessary.  If you’re buying bargain priced materials, you’re essentially building a shoddy home so you owe it yourself to spend extra money.  It’s also easy to make a mistake on precise measurements so always keep extra materials around in case that drywall suddenly becomes unusable.

Prepare the surfaces and use the right materials.  In other words, before you start painting the walls, make sure they’re dirt and dust free and sanded properly.  Don’t use paint that will eventually peel when exposed to sunlight on the walls outside.  Take some time to read the labels on which material is right for each unique situation.

Know what you’re doing and do it safely.  This comes as a no-brainer but remodeling requires doing some research before you get started.  Implementing new flooring is not just a matter of slapping on thinset and sticking a piece of tile on to it.  And if you can’t figure something out or it’s too difficult, ask for assistance.  Even “do it yourselfers” need a little help sometimes.

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Amie Varney
Prudential Verani Realty - Epping, NH
Great tips, we have learned to do a lot of things since owning our first home but I am never too timid to ask lots of questions and when in doubt, hire a professional!
Apr 04, 2008 02:39 AM
Miami Beach Condos and Homes
www.miamibeachcondosandhomes.com - Miami Beach, FL

Thank you for your response Amie. Sometimes it’s wise to hire a professional especially when it comes to vital repairs such as electrical wiring and plumbing. Conversely, information for almost any project you’d undertake is readily available on the web and construction tools are becoming so advanced it makes performing standard repairs on your home surprisingly simple.  

Apr 04, 2008 03:28 AM