Buffalo Pounded by Lake-Effect Snowfall

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While folks all along the Great Lakes corridor were pounded with up to 7 feet of snow in short order the rest of the east coast watch and waited for their turn!

(John Normile/Getty Images)  Snowstorm 

Year in and year out the folks that live in this part of the country are digging out of the snow in varying degrees depending on that years particular snowfall.

It funny but the people that live in the Southwest often wonder why folks continue living in an environment they don't seem to care for come wintertime each year?  

The same could be said,I guess, about those living in an earthquake zone like San Francisco or Los Angeles.

In any event, a couple of guys in the real estate business that are always touting Las Vegas as the place to live have put up as a public service announcement just how they shovel snow in Las Vegas with their "Snow Removal in Las Vegas" video. It may well help those in Buffalo and other parts of New York solve their snow removal issues one and for all. ...Or, you can just watch it below.

In any event, we are hopeful that all along the east coast will remain safe through this coming winter season.... When you're ready to look to the west, we'll be here in Vegas waiting for you!

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