Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the Best Business Practice!

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Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the Best Business Practice!

As I begin to wind down my 2014 Real Estate whirlwind and prepare to host Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones, I realized there is no better time than the present to reflect on the past year in pure Gratitude! Thank you Real Estate. The best business on Earth.

One of my favorite affirmations is "Gratitude for the substance at hand duplicates the substance indefinitely." I can attest to the truth of this statement. I wake up every day and thank God for this life that I've been blessed with and the opportunity to live another day. Most mornings I write in my gratitude journal, only positive things, and even if I have worries & concerns, I find a way to be grateful for them. There is a blessing in every dark situation! It's amazing what happens when you operate from a place of gratitude! Great things happen.

Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the best business practice!

2014, my fourteenth year in Real Estate has proven to be my most productive year in the business yet! With 29 closed escrows to date and a nice handful still to close before the end of the year, I am so extremely thankful to all of those who helped make these closings possible.

First and foremost I am thankful for my amazing loyal clients & their beautiful families. They are the heart of my business. Their referrals and loyalty keep me going every day! I strive to take the best care of them and in turn they take care of me. The residential real estate process can be emotionally draining and I hold their hands and guide them through all hurdles and obstacles until we get to the joyous end result. It's worth every bit of the struggle, every time. The love and appreciation my clients show me is a huge part of my "Why." Why I get up everyday and work so hard. There is no better feeling than handing over the keys to someone's dream home they worked their entire lives to achieve, or making it possible for someone to grow their investment portfolio, or realize a great return on the sale of a home they have loved and move on to bigger & better....

Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the best business practice!

A great realtor doesn't do it all alone, there are no less than 15-30 people working tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve a successful closing and I am so grateful to the 100's of people who worked so hard on every escrow I've closed this year! Escrow officers, Title officers, mortgage bankers, appraisers, Transaction coordinators, retrofitters, inspectors, underwriters, my office administration, and my most cherished one of all...Suzanne Smith, my right & left hands at times, my Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and newly crowned TC!!! Without her and everyone above I would be lost! THANK YOU!

Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the best business practice!

Gratitude for the substance at hand duplicates the substance indefinitely. Truer words have never been spoken. The more I reflect on my blessings and appreciate the business I have created, the more business I create! It's the laws of attraction.
Hard work, dedication, and gratitude is the formula for success!

I am also profoundly grateful for my amazing Husband, our sons, & our loving family. Without the support of my family cheering me on, celebrating the highs, uplifting me when I get overwhelmed & overworked, and holding down the fort, my rewarding career would not be possible.

Thank you Real Estate is an understatement. This is an industry that doesn't discriminate. We have former Attorneys, CPAs, immigrants from all over the world, and regular folks like me all working side by side as Realtors. If you can dream it, take consistent ACTION, and remain grateful, you can achieve greatness! Fifteen years ago I was a single teenage mother with a junior college education and a long road ahead of me. Thank God for Real Estate!

Thank you Real Estate. Gratitude is the BEST business practice!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, may you and your family be blessed with an abundance of love, great food, wealth and happiness this holiday season and always.

Emily Rose Newmark (Lewis)

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