Statistics for Turnagain View Homes in Anchorage AK

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Turnagain View Home Statistics in Anchorage AKTurnagain View homes in Anchorage AK

Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK for 2013 has an average sale price of $474,642, while days on market was 49.  In 2014 the average sale price of a Turnagain View home in Anchorage AK was $486,143 and it took only 17 days to sell a home.  Buyers purchasing a Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK primarily used Conventional financing, with VA financing next and a couple of buyers used cash and other types. Seller's on average contributed $4,653 towards buyers closing costs, in Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK for 2013, while in 2014 they averaged contributions of $2,647.

If you currently own a Turnagain View home in Anchorage AK, ask for a detailed evaluation and marketing plan.  Even if this is a long term plan to find an evaluation of your Turanagain View home in Anchorage AK.



Convenient Neighborhood Location

The biggest landmark in the neighborhood is Bells Nursery.  Established in 1976 it is a welcome site in springtime while driving home to your Turnagain View home in Anchorage AK.  There are several parks and a quick 5 minute drive to Flattop Mountain in the Chugiak National Park. Conveniently located near the Dimond Shopping Mall and other fine family shopping. JBER is located approximately 20 miles to D gate.  If you are more interested in the area and locations here is a detailed map link for homes in Turnagain View Anchorage AK.

Anchorage School District (ASD) provides Rabbit Creek and Huffman Elementary, Goldenview Middle School and Service High School.  Specific school location based on the address of Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK can be found on the ASD website.  Here you can find average test scores and other detailed information.

Demographics for Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK

Additional research is available for Turnagain View homes in Anchorage AK on our website to help you make a more informed decision.  We have provided information about market values, community information, schools, median household income, education, crime, shopping and recreation. 


Turnagain View Home in Anchorage AKWhats My Turnagain View in Anchorage AK Home Worth?


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