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6 reasons why it's best to list your home in the WINTER!

Real Estate Broker/Owner Gillum Group Real Estate

1.  Less Competition

Most people choose to list their home in spring or summer when the weather is nicer.  So listing it in the winter gives you far less competition versus the months ahead - which means a quicker sale!


2. Fewer Showings

Yes, there are fewer buyers in the winter months but the buyers out there are usually very serious about making an offer. The showings you do have in the winter are typically with buyers who will buy SOON.


3. Better chances to get Top Dollar

Listing your home now with less competition may allow you to sell your home for a higher price.


4. More Attention

Agents typically have fewer clients in the winter months and will be able to devote more specialized attention to your needs. 


5. The Holidays

The holidays give you an opportunity to show off what your home can offer during the holiday months.  Homes that are dressed up for the holidays are warm & inviting to potential buyers.  


6. The Market

We are in a seller's market!  There are nealry twice as many buyers out there as there are homes for sale.  The homes that are going up on the market are selling FAST! 


Don't jump on the bandwagon and wait until spring to list your home!  Now is a great, even better, time to sell.  Contact us today for more details!  Or visit www.GillumGroupRealEstate.com/sell to find out what your home is worth!


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