Largest Local Real Estate Firm Switching to Prudential Franchise

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The Lancaster Newspapers reported that the Lancater County's largest real estate office is switch from a Coldwell Banker franchise to Prudential.

"HomeSale Realty Services Group, headquartered at 215 S. Centerville Road, announced Tuesday it will end its alliance with Coldwell Banker and instead team up with Prudential Real Estate.

It will operate as Prudential Homesale Services Group in Lancaster County, as well as in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and Lebanon counties.

...The Lancaster headquarters oversees 1,000 real estate agents and 350 office personnel, including 500 employees here.

It said it represented buyers or sellers of $2.09 billion of real estate in 2007, the most in south-central Pennsylvania and 29th most in the nation."

The complete story is here.

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Gabriel Duque
Virtual Florida Tours - Miami, FL

Yes George the economy is doing some changes around. Will it be for the better? I ho[e so.


Jun 21, 2008 01:20 AM