Gratitude is not just a Thanksgiving attitude!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Terry Bishop Realty LLC

Tucson Thanksgiving 2014 and so much for which to be grateful.

I live in a country where personal property rights are cherished and protected by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

This is how I make my living and I am grateful for the myriad of people whom I meet, from whom I learn, and many of whom have become personal friends.  

I am grateful for the team of people who help me perform:  the lenders, the escrow officers, the home inspectors, the termite inspectors, the HVAC company, the appraisers, and my fellow Realtors - to whom I can ask questions which may have me stymied.

There are those in the back offices of these companies who work diligently processing loans and transactions, the "unsung" heros who get the transaction to the settlement table.  These include the legal departments of the lenders and title companies, the underwriters, the secretaries and receptionists. Without them, we would have nothing.

I am grateful to those who provide courses for me at nominal costs so I can expand my knowledge and share it with my clients.  A knowlegable client is a good client, and my job is to provide information so my clients can make informed decisions.  

I am grateful to the marketing department of the title company I use, which provides me with listing packages and home books, and information so I can do my job better.  I am thankful for the marketing department at the lender I use and the people there who are teaching me new techniques of technology so that I can bring more information to my clients.

There are a dozen people or more involved in one transaction, people clients rarely see, but these are the cogs in the wheel which make the wheel turn smoothly.  To all of these people I am grateful.

And to you, dear client, we would have nothing if it were not for you.  My heartfelt thanks to you for asking me to represent you in one of the most important transactions of your life.  I am honored.

To all, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


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