Tucson's "Season" has begun...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Terry Bishop Realty LLC

Aaah, December 1 in Tucson,  the beginning of "the season" when "winter visitors" exchange grey skies, freezing temperatures, slush and snow for azure skies, temps in the 70's, and the golf course.   Welcome to Tucson and our surrounds!

With an abundance of active adult communities in the Tucson area including Marana, Oro Valley, Sahurarita, Vail, Green Valley, Tubac,  Catalina, and Tucson,  people 50 or 55 and older have plenty of choices.  

Like all moves, what you want should not be taken lightly. This is retirement, what you have worked for all your life. Your retirement home should not be considered lightly.  

Do you have any vision for your retirement beyond sleeping late, playing golf, lunching with "the girls"?  I am being facecious, but truly many people never think "what really do I want?"

When I am counseling soon to be retirees about active adult communities in Tucson, I urge them them to see their lives five or ten years hence.  For instance,  I am not a fan of two story homes for people 50 years and older, how will you cope when you are 75 or 80?   Health issues often require a person living in a two story home to sell and purchase a one story home.  Thinking ahead can save money, aggravation, and disrruption in life.

Making a "dream list" can help identify some of the things you want in retirement.  Be outrageous, you've earned it!  If you want to go back to school and earn your degree in another area of expertise, put that on your list.  Looking to learn more about orniculture, this is the place with more than a dozen species of hummingbirds.  Or maybe you want to learn how to play tennis or golf or pickle ball, that too,  should be on your list.  And how do you prioritize these desires?

What does all of this have in common?   All these decisions help determine where you might feel most comfortable in retirement.  Each active adult community has a distinct personality determined by residents and what is offered.  You may even find, after this exercise, you do not want an active adult community.  That is a valuable discovery. 

So live a little!   Dream a little!  Take a month or so and compile your list.  It's not easily done in a morning over a cup of coffee.  Every person making the move should be involved.  What one person wants may not be what the other wants.  As in life, compromise is key, but what to compromise on?  It can be as simple as having more electrical outlets in the kitchen or a garage big enough for a workshop.

Your "dream list" will help you decide if an "active adult" community is for you and will help your agent find you the community which fits your needs.  So pull out the pen and paper and grab a cup of coffee and Dream! 


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