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RAMBLINGS.......................December, 2014

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By:  Diane Sawdon

I read this posting on facebook this morning~~ “your beliefs don’t make you a better person~~your behavior does.”   Feeling in a rather Grinchy mood, I wanted to stand up and applaud my friend for posting this.   It ties right into my beliefs that “there is talk and then there is the behavior,”  and my ultimate favorite, “walk your talk.”  I am well aware that this is the twelfth month of the year, December, and that this is the proverbial time for “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men.”   Oh, how I wish this could happen.  
So, once again, I will have to take my own personal journey for some of that peace and goodwill.   I just looked at some of my past December Ramblings and I wonder if I have learned anything at all this past year??  I know, for a fact, that behavior speaks louder than words.   Changing one’s behavior is a difficult and slow process.  And, usually, change is good.   Right now, I need to change my mood and the tone of this missive.

Here we go~~~ Once again, I took the challenge to see if I could write down my thankful thoughts for the entire month of November.  I did up the ante this year, and made the task just a bit more difficult by committing to paper two or three thankful thoughts.  I am proud to share with you that I was able to do this for the complete month.   Some days were much easier than others, if truth be told. 

I think this might be a good day to put up the Christmas tree.  I always find such joy when I open the boxes of ornaments and find those priceless ornaments that belonged to my Grandparents, or the funny and charming ones that were given to me by many Kindergarten Kiddos over the years, the timeless ones that I have collected over forty six years of marriage, and the ones with photographs of three special Granddaughters over the past ten years.   It is a collection of ageless and precious memories of a family.

We purchased a new artificial tree this past month.   For all of you “tree purists” out there, my Roommate’s allergies and asthma are really bothered by a living tree in the house.   So, years ago, when the daughters went away to college, we made the switch to artificial.  This new tree might pose a challenge for us~~~I am the World’s Greatest Techo Peasant and, while my Roomie has more technology skills than I do, he just might lack a little something in the patience department.   I am telling you all of this because our tree comes with a Remote and it has seven “modes” of lighting.   We did not realize this fact when we ordered said tree on line.   I just wanted a tree with lights.   Who knows what will happen when we plug it into the wall socket??  We might be transported back to our days of college in the 1960s and the psychedelic lifestyle!  

Sitting here, putting words on the screen, has been good therapy.  I am feeling much less Grinchy.   In this coming month, I hope you share your goodwill and joy~~let your behavior be your compass.   Happy, Joyful, Healthy Christmas to all~~



















Winston Heverly
Coldwell Banker Access Realty - South Macon, GA

Richard,  a refreshing read today which is well thought out and dead on of our experiences.

Nov 30, 2014 08:37 AM