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Its that time of year again. Winter! Which begs the question of whether it’s worthwhile to sell your home in Anchorage, Alaska during the winter. Some questions you may be asking yourself are: Will it be a waste of time? Will it sit on the market? Will the selling market be better next year? All very valid questions yet I feel the first question you should ask yourself is: Are you emotionally prepared to sell? Yes, believe it or not but "Selling" a home is a challenge for Sellers in ideal situations, when you add the stresses of the Holiday's it may not be the perfect time to sell. However if the answer is yes, then you will be happy to know that there are still buyers out there looking for homes thus selling your home this winter may end with fantastic results if you partner with the right licensee with a strategic "Winter" Game-plan.  

  • There are less homes on the market in the winter. Meaning now is not the time to "Test" the market. As shown in the table below there are generally more homes on the market during the summer which means there will be more competition for Buyers attention. But as you can see, homes are placed on the market during the winter in Anchorage, Alaska so getting your home in front of the right buyers is key to selling during the winter months. The best way to do that is to make sure you have your home priced correctly. In the summer time or "Selling Season" pricing may be less of an issue but if your goal is to actually sell, allow us to assist you in arriving at a price that will result in an offer. Having an experienced Anchorage Real Estate licensee that knows how to interpret the data is a benefit to you the home Seller. Anchorage year over year Data
  • Why would someone buy a home in the winter: Anchorage, Alaska is a great place to live but lets be honest who wants to bundle up the kids, drive on dark roads that are less than ideal just to waste a perfectly good Sunday? Nobody!! Therefore Buyers in the winter months tend to be serious, motivated and qualified. Buyers may have a timeframe due to the large number of people that are relocating to Alaska as a result of a job in the Oil and Gas Industry or the Military. Add in the pressure that buyers may feel to celebrate the holidays in their new home and because you have your home priced right, staged well and properly marketed thus increasing the likelihood of Buyers making an offer, well Merry Christmas!! Don't forget some Buyers may need to buy a home for tax or business reasons before the end of the year so these Buyers may be especially motivated. 
  • Homes look awesome decorated for Christmas: One of the exciting things about the holidays is it gives us a chance to deck the halls, fireplaces, living rooms, kitchens, exteriors etc. People go out of their way to get the home ready for the Holiday season. As a bonus your home may have the lingering aroma of Grandmas famous cookies, cakes or pies when the potential Buyer shows up and as we all know, those types of sensations give buyers a good feeling. Lets not forget it's also a good time to show off all the work you have put into getting the house ready for the market by installing those Energy Efficient windows, new furnace, sealed or replaced those drafty doors or fireplaces etc. Maybe its that awesome synchronized light display that you bought on ebay that gets their attention but understand selling in the winter may be an inconvenience for all parties so having hot chocolate or apple cider certainly wouldn't hurt and may encourage the Buyer to spend a little more time in your home and not the competition. 

So as you can see selling a home in Anchorage, Alaska can be a successful experience. If you have been thinking of selling A home in Anchorage, Ak know that The Parker Property Group is willing to find the right buyer for your home this holiday season, call us today at 907.884.6255 

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Les & Sarah Oswald
Realty One Group - Eastvale, CA
Broker, Realtor and Investor

Sellers are wise to take Linwood Parker's advices. Winter is a great time to sell because there is much less competition and those who are looking are serious buyers ready to act.

Dec 01, 2014 07:43 AM
Sandy Padula & Norm Padula, JD, GRI
HomeSmart Realty West & Florida Realty Investments - , CA
Presence, Persistence & Perseverance

Lindwood: Thanks for your sales report and the traction of sale momentum for the Anchorage Area seems fairly constant. Good Selling!

Dec 01, 2014 08:52 AM
Lindwood Parker
Anchorage, AK

Thank you! 

Dec 01, 2014 11:36 AM
Joan Cox
House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373 - Denver, CO
Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time

Lindwood, here in Denver we have homes sell year-round.   The sales slow down through the fall/winter months, and takes a bit longer to receive an offer, but they still move pretty quickly!  

Dec 02, 2014 08:43 AM
Lindwood Parker
Anchorage, AK

Thats pretty close to what happens here Joan. It is actually a good market for those that want to work. :) 


Dec 03, 2014 10:53 AM