Investing in Mortgages

Real Estate Broker/Owner with DeFranco Real Estate Corp.

Be the Banker!

Yes, you read that title right… Why not be the Banker instead of the landlord here in Buffalo NY? For years we have been taught that owning rental property is the way to go. But what if you were the banker?

All the profits and none of the headaches. Investing in mortgages in Buffalo is certainly not a new thing. Our team has studied hard to create a product and bring it to the Western New York market in such a way that the normal every day working person can participate and profit. Using our product, investment mortgages are not just for the big guys any more.


Buffalo Investors There is another way…

It was our desire that a product be brought to the market that would offer the working person a chance to make better than average returns, with some sort of safety net as back up in case of default. There is no investment that is without risk. We do everything we can to mitigate the risk and management of your investment; however it is always my recommendation to consult with your legal/accounting professionals before taking on any investments.

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