Immediate Delivery Homes in Woodbridge Virginia!

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Home Buyers in the Woodbridge, VirginiaWoodbridge Virginia New Homes for Sale Just in Time for Christmas!

 your New Home is waiting for you!

You may want to put  a NEW Home on your list of Must Haves this year!

You will find you have more buying power in   December vs buying in 2015 can save you BIG MONEY!!

When builders learn they have alot of competition they  sharpen their pencils and offer the best incentives of the year in December. I call it the Holiday Advanatge and this year you have some amazing options for all price points! 

Warning builders do not use a uniform language to enter the data into the MLS system so therefore all the homes are not described as READY NOW or IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. All of the web sites that you the consumer surfs such as  Zillow, Redfin, and even Individual Realtor  web sites pull their infomation from the REALTORS MLS. You can see if the data is not right you do not get the information you need to make a great buying decision.  In fact I did a search of those very terms  above today December 3rd 2015  and only got six listings back with those search terms. But a Great Buyer Agent does not stop their they do their home work.  

Yes as a Buyer agent I work for you the purchaser and I found 30 New Homes Ready Now priced from with that knowledge you the buyer have power. Become my client and I will show you just how much!

I found something for everyone today  there is $327,000 for a 3 bedroom Garage Town Home near Lake Ridge to a stunning Home front the Potomac River for $1,075,000!

If you want a copy of the list Email me now  at and in subject line say

"I Want the List"!

Interest Rates are near 13 year low this week and will not stay their for long. This week one of my buyers who will close by the end of the year got 3.5% VA locked in for 30 years!! That is by far the best fixed rate I have seen all year!  

Look at this post and learn how the numbers do not lie and the forecast is  for much higher rates come 2st quarter 2015. Buy now by and when the next Holiday rolls around  you will be bragging on what a great deal you got as your friends and co workers lament over how they missed the Holiday Advantage. 

The Holiday Advantage means  Less Competition,  Lowest Rates of The Year and Sellers who Are Very Serious! Lock in your best price and rate now before the Spring  market starts in late January you will not be sorry!


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