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Dewalt residents can now get 100% financing with Dewalt TX USDA Loans.




 Arlington, Texas buyers can now get 100% financing via a USDA loan 

 The rural housing loan program is a great $0 down option for home buyers looking to purchase a home in qualifying rural areas. 



 - 100% Financing Available- Small Monthly Mortgage Insurance (.30% of loan amount per year)- Interest Rates are still very competitive compared to Conventional and FHA 








 The two largest features of a USDA loan is the fact it is true long term fixed rate financing on a 100% loan. 



 Low MI (mortgage insurance) compare it to FHA and Conventional and see the savings! 



 Below are some features for qualifying for a USDA 100% home loan: 


 Property Qualification Requirements: A home must be located in an USDA eligible area. 

 USDA gives you a great resource to see if a property or area you are interested in buying is an eligible area.  Just put a property address in on this site to see:  


 If the property address is determined to be in an eligible area, you may use a USDA loan to purchase the home. 


 There are income limits on USDA loans- and they are based on both the number of working adults in the home and number of family members. 

 There are a series of credits that are afforded for child care and dependents under 18 as you calculate the family’s “qualifying income”. Joy Bates of the Legacy Mortgage Team can assist you in determining your eligibility income wise- or you can check the USDA site here:  



 For the best service- make sure you ask your lender if they are a mortgage banker- and not a broker- or you will have delays in getting your loan approved. You can call Joy Bates, NMLS # 243437 at 817-860-3232, visit her online at or email her at  

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