5 Tips When Selling Your Home During the Holidays

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Having your home on the market brings a new twist to the holiday season. Here are some tips to help you attract buyers…

Five Tips for a Holiday Sale

1.       Go “light” on the lights. If you are trying to attract buyers, this is the year to leave the giant blow up Santa in the basement. Place a tasteful holiday wreath on the door instead. Think Martha Stewart not Clark Griswald.

2.       Create a relaxing atmosphere. Stage your house with some of the following to make your house the “must have” instead of a “maybe”

a.       Lightly scented winter candles (nothing overpowering)

b.      Thermostat set at a comfortable temperature (buyers will welcome a warm home)

c.       A fire in the fireplace (it sets the mood)

3.       Décor. Interior decorations should be minimal and complimentary to the room. Including a Christmas tree that works well with the space and colors of the room. No need to use the Rockefeller Center tree with a mix match of colored lights.

4.       Place greens in the window boxes and garland and white twinkle lights on the mantel-it is classic yet festive.

5.       Have an agent hosted holiday open house w/ hot cider, cookies and a holiday instrumental playlist to set the mood.

All the Buyers want for Christmas is a new home and you can assist Santa in bringing you a SOLD sign this holiday season!


Kimberly Addelman is a licensed real estate salesperson with Realty USA and accredited ASP stager. Contact Kim at 716.816.5654 or 

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