Does it Pay to Be Attractive When it Comes to Selling Real Estate ?

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There is an old age adage that goes-beauty is just skin deep. Most of those who work productively and earn more are sexy and attractive. Good looking persons are known to negotiate great deals for their companies than their counterparts who are deemed to be less attractive. This also holds water in the real estate sector where attractive good looking realtors have a lot of business going their way than their less attractive counterparts.

Among recent studies that delved into this is a publication that appeared in the Applied Financial-Economics. The researchers looked at the role of attractiveness when marketing real estate and it was discovered that realtors who are considered to be attractive sold properties at higher prices than those who are less attractive!

Also, attractive persons are perceived to be better in terms of intelligence and capability and this can have a massive effect on the level of success which a person attains with regard to real estate sales. Take for instance when driving up the road and you see the photo of a realtor and find it attractive on first looks, you may feel like hiring that person to market your property. This is an already a positive impression of that particular realtor in your mind. As a matter of fact, clients like being associated with smarter persons because it is attractive working with them.

People who want to want to get the best prices for their properties prefer working with attractive real estate professionals because they are certainly assured of getting a buyer at their desired selling price. But this may mean having to wait for a longer period of time to make this goal come true. There is no doubt that sexy looking and attractive realtors use their attractive looks as crutch.

On the other hand, less attractive real estate agents take minimal sales and sale a small number of properties. This is one of the reasons why people believe that sexy realtors use their beauty to their competitive advantage. Beauty helps realtors to supplement other capabilities which they possess. There is no doubt that enlisting the services of an attractive good looking real estate agent can help in boosting your home price.

Generally, appearance play a much greater role in the workplace and people who have below average looks earn a significant amount than those who look fantastic. But on the sexual front, male appearance matters more when it comes to achieving success in the real estate sector. Customers experience a feel good attitude when dealing with smart and intelligent persons. They believe that these people have what it takes to serve them better and deliver to exceed their expectations.

Even with attractive looking realtors being considered successful than others, real estate agents who exude more beauty find it much easier making entry into a new field, including the real estate sector. Some studies also make suggestions that politics and law are two fields that put a lot of emphasis on physical beauty. And like in professions where you don’t have the requisite skill, avoid them if you can.

So what should real estate agents who are not endowed with sexy looks do? Well it’s not advisable for them to try altering their looks as people are stuck with the kind of looks which they were born with. Some agents may invest in plastic procedures that may help improve their overall looks, but this may never be a worthy investment in the long run.

Making certain changes like dressing better, buying attractive and good looking clothes and taking care of your hair can help make things better. Others such as applying makeup may not help create much effect in our looks. You cannot make a complete overhaul on your looks, all you should consider doing is taking advantage of your musical ability, physical strength, great personality and brains to set yourself apart from other attractive good looking realtors out there. You can call some of the best singles chatlines in the US and ask for honest makeover advice. There you can find all the chatline numbers on t

Getting the assistance of a sexy and attractive looking real estate agent can help boost the selling price which your home fetches. However, its much better when you work with a real estate professional who has good looks to boot in addition to extensive industry knowledge, good communication skills and the right drive and dedication to exceed your expectation.

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