Questions to Ask Yourself If You Might Need Foreclosure Prevention

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Defining Your Needs & Goals

While considering bankruptcy is no easy process, the experience can be completed more easily and more effectively with the assistance of a Dallas bankruptcy attorney from Richard Weaver & Associates. Whether you are still in the initial stages of exploring your available debt relief options or are entirely uncertain about bankruptcy being right for you, our legal team is here to guide you toward the best, most viable decision for your unique situation. As part of this process, our attorneys make it a point to listen to your story, understand the struggles you've been experiencing, and help you clearly define your need, goals, and what you wish to accomplish with your financial future.

Viewing Your Immediate Needs: Foreclosure Pending

As clients come to our firm in troubling, even chaotic times, we place tremendous value on helping them take a step back to view their current financial situation. Some folks face foreclosure and are not sure what their options are before visiting us. They could choose from a modification if the bank approves it, they could throw as much money at the mortgage as possible until it becomes current, or they could consider a chapter 13 repayment through bankruptcy to catch up mortgage arrears. 

Consider, for a moment, where you currently stand personally and financially. Have your financial problems begun to seriously compromise your personal well-being? Have they begun to impact the lives of your loved ones? Having worked with a diverse set of clients throughout our 85 combined years, we know that while situations are always unique, clients grappling with debt and financial uncertainty often answer "yes" to these questions. We also know that problems with debt create numerous repercussions, including:

  • Foreclosure proceedings
  • Repossessions
  • Utility shutoffs
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Wage garnishment
  • Debt collection phone calls
  • Creditor harassment

If you have experienced these or any other type of debt collection action, then there is a strong indication that your problems with debt have reached a level that should prompt you into action. Fortunately, many of these immediate, pressing concerns can be successfully addressed and alleviated through bankruptcy, particularly through the bankruptcy protection afforded by the automatic stay. Our lawyers can help you determine how bankruptcy can be specifically used to address your immediate needs.

Constructing Your Long-Term Goals

Bankruptcy is not merely a tool that can help you find relief from your immediate struggles; it is a tool that can help you obtain a financial fresh start. By opening the door to new avenues of opportunity, bankruptcy can allow you to form the foundation you need to begin working toward a brighter financial future. Establishing what you wish to accomplish by taking legal actions to address your debt can aid you in constructing your goals. It can also help you understand if bankruptcy can act as the vehicle you need to reach these goals. Consider some of the common goals our bankruptcy clients have:

  • Protect their homes; defend against foreclosure
  • Defend against collections
  • Get out of debt and stay out
  • Save money for retirement, for child's education, for the future
  • Solidify a secure financial future

Although every client's goals are unique, each person's personal and financial futures are deeply intertwined. What you wish to achieve, what you wish to accomplish, and what you want to do in your future depend on the steps you take today. Depending on your current situation, bankruptcy may be precisely what you need to overcome the obstacles you face and clear the way so you can achieve your goals.

Allow a DFW Bankruptcy Attorney to Weigh Your Options

Gaining an understanding of your immediate needs and long-term goals are steps you can take on your own and with our firm. By working with our legal team, you can clearly establish what you need and what you want to accomplish, and we can work on helping you understand all of your available options. We will also, of course, help you choose the best option for you and will remain by your side every step of the way as you navigate your way through your debt relief journey. Trust in a firm that puts your needs and goals first. Contact a Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyer from our firm to discuss your case or request a free case evaluation.

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