Understanding the San Antonio, Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

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Understanding the San Antonio, Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing status

Often times while finding buyers a home in the San Antonio area I get asked questions on what the status means on the SABOR MLS sheets.  There are different status updates depending on where the home is in the "for sale" process.  For those who are curious what their meanings are I have compiled a list of the status & it's definition.  I'll start with the obvious ones:

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NEW - This one is easy, this home was recently put on the market.  From NEW the home will go to ACT.


ACT - When searching the San Antonio MLS ACT means ACTIVE.  The home is available!

BOM - Back on Market is the definition of this acronym.  The home was recently under contract and is now BOM.

PCH - This listing has recently had a price change & will be listed with PCH.

AO - Means Active Option.  When a home is under active option seller and buyer have agreed to a sales price and buyer has asked for an option period.  An option period is a time frame when the buyer get's their inspections done and has the 'option' to back out of the contract for whatever reason.  An option period is a time frame that the buyer pays for (usually). 

ACT RFR - The homes is still active but it has a 'Right of first refusal'.  What this means is that they've got a contract on the house, but for some reason or another they can't close right now. The seller has accepted the contract, but says that they're still going to take other offers, should they come in before the buyer can close. If another offer comes in, the seller will contact the buyer and say that they have to close the deal that they have under RFR. If the buyer can't, the seller can accept the new offer.

SLD - SOLD!  This ones pretty self explanatory.

PND - This stands for pending.  Usually a home will go from ACT to AO to PND. 

PDB - Pending send backups means the house is under contract but "back-up" offers are accepted in case the original contract falls apart.

EXP - This listing has expired with their current agent.  It miight be renewed or might be permanently off the market.

CAN - This listing has been cancelled.  There are a variety of reasons why a listing is cancelled.

WDN - This listing has been withdrawn from the market for whatever reason. 

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