Earth Day 2009 What We Can Do at Home!

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What You Can Do at Home to Make a Difference!


Earth Day

If it only takes one person doing a little bit imagine if many people were doing a little bit! To learn more about Meriden's Recycling Program and where to bring your items click here .


You can also Contact the City of Meriden Public Works Department Curb Side Recylcing at 630-4259 or visit for additional information.  



  •     Recycle/Reuse:         
  •     Electronics
  •     Cell phone/Telephone and  Equipment
  •     Computers   
  •     Office Machines
  •     Game Consoles
  •     Televisions
  •     Toner Cartridge
  •     Plastics, glass, paper
  •     Plant a Tree or a Garden this spring because trees and plants help to suck up carbon dioxide        
  •     Buy Energy efficient appliances
  •     Weatherize and insulate your home, and consider double pain window
  •     Remove leaves and other debre from sewer drains
  •     Share this information with your neighbors
  •     Form a Earth Day Community Committee check out   


If you are moving before a collection day try to get a neighbor, friend or family member to bring your hazardous products to a collection location for you.

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