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This is the time of year for those (fun) gift exchanges.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  They involve a group, a dollar amount to be spent and a frenzied exchange where gifts can be "stolen."  Actually the premise could be fun, if the playing field was even.  But here is where it gets tricky.  Not everyone understands the concept of bringing an actual, say, $20 gift.  Some feel that if it was once $20 at sometime in its retail life, that's good enough.  Then there are those that search for the best they can find for $20 because it is so exciting to watch someone open that gift.  And if a $40 item is found on a half-price sale, even better!  The balance of the group is just plain old nice gifts.  Maybe not as unique as the super-shoppers but nice nonetheless. 


So, at the party each participant places their offering under the tree.  And selects their “number,” which tells the order the group will go in.  The choice when it is your turn is either (a) select a gift from under the tree or (b) steal a gift from another person.  Now the stealing can be 1, 2 or 3 times, depending on the group and how many hours you want to spend watching the gift mania unfold.  And once the number of steals is determined, and the gift is stolen that prescribed amount of times, it is dead.  So, if you really like something and want to be able to keep it, be on the end of the steal.  


I have been in many exchanges, so I have quite a few funny stories from over the years.  One year, a friend kept opening wonderful gifts, so as you may guess, they were stolen immediately.  And it was a one-steal year, so she had no way to get any of them back.  On her sixth trip to the tree for another package, she was losing the Christmas spirit.  In fact, she was downright irritated.  All of us sitting at her table were hoping she’d get something good for her efforts and that she’d get to keep it.  She opened an angel, it was magnificent and you could tell by the look on her face that she was pleased.  Then it all went wrong.  The next number up was a woman at our table, AT OUR TABLE, who said, “I’m going to steal that from you!”  We all tried to say under our breath to her to just let our friend have the angel.  But she went on.  “I collect angels and that would be a perfect addition to my collection.  It is the best angel I’ve ever seen.”  Our eyes shifted to our friend.  She looked shocked.  And her reply reflected her attitude.  She said, “That’s fine.  I collect pieces of crap, so I’ll just go and see if I can find one of those under the tree.”  ‘Nuf said. 


Another year, a friend opened a small table Christmas tree with tiny, shall we say flexible tin-like?, ornaments.  Value about $3.50 for the $20 exchange.  But wait, there was a hidden jewel on the tree - a bracelet was amongst the five branches on the tree.  My friend’s face lit up for just a second, how pretty, it appeared to be a Christmas beaded bracelet.  She tried to slide the elastic bracelet onto her wrist.  Oops!  The bracelet elastic snapped and the beads rolled all over the floor.  Never to be recovered. 


Another year, another story.  This year, after tearing the wrapping away, the box said it was an electric candle warmer.  Nice.  Another lady at the table wondered if scented tarts were included for melting.  She opened the box - and lo! and behold - not a warmer in the box, just a candle in a jar.  Everyone at the table gasped.  False advertising had struck again.  And we all knew that no amount of marketing would make this gift enticing enough to be stolen. 


As usual, it makes for a great story.





























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Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
"Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"

Hello Susan Brown,  I like the way you think.  I try to shop and get the best deals for people.  I like the candle in the jar!

Dec 10, 2014 05:37 AM
Jeff Jensen
The Federal Savings Bank/Lending in 50 states - Greenwich, CT

They can get pretty closely contested in a fun kind of way.

Dec 10, 2014 06:01 AM
Troy Erickson AZ Realtor (602) 295-6807
HomeSmart - Chandler, AZ
Your Chandler, Ahwatukee, and East Valley Realtor

Susan, these are funny stories but sad at the same time. The gift exchanges always have someone ending up with an awful gift while others get something really great.

In the case of the friend who kept getting her gift stolen, there should have been a limit where she could only have the gift she picked stolen no more than 2 or 3 times. It doesn't really make sense for her to pick out a new present each time only to have it stolen because it was a good gift. I am sure it wouldn't have been any better if she had picked out a bad gift and then nobody wanted to steal it. 

Dec 10, 2014 08:20 AM
Michael Dagner
Brokers Guild Classic - Denver, CO
Your Denver Homes Realty Expert

Susan, reminds me of a Christmas gift exchange in an episode of The Office.  Sure was funny.  

Dec 10, 2014 01:15 PM