To flock or not to flock...Choosing a Christmas Tree

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To flock or not to flock...that is a question when

choosing a Christmas Tree

To flock or not to flock...that is a question when choosing a Christmas Tree.  Late November and early December families gather together to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.  For some, a forever tree is the way to go, others want to chop down their own tree, and even more go to the local Christmas tree lot and choose the perfect tree.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a Christmas tree.
1. Real or Artificial
When choosing a Christmas tree, do you want a real tree or an artificial tree?  A real tree is nice looking, smells good, and requires water and some clean up of fallen pine needles.  An artificial tree is a really nice shade of green, and does not require any water.  Sometimes though, they do not have the same look or feel as a real tree, but you can use them over and over again.
2. To flock or not to flock
Flocking is a process of putting small fibers on a Christmas tree. This is done to make a tree look like its snow covered.  You can even use different colored flock, like blue, pink, or orange.  The downside to flock is that it does not come off easily so if you change your mind, it might be too late.  The upside is that it is very pretty and looks like fresh snow.  You can have as little or as much as you want.
3. Cut it down yourself or Christmas tree lot
Some families like the adventure of trekking and searching for the right tree and cutting it down themselves.  There are many Christmas tree farms that allow you to do just that.  They have acres and acres of trees for you to choose from.  Farms generally have 1 or 2 types of trees to choose from.  This could be a nice day with family and fun.  Just don't forget, you have to carry the tree out! The Christmas tree lot provides ease and convenience when choosing a tree.  They often have many different varieties to choose from.  They will also put it in a net for easy transportation.  There are many lots to choose from, so if you don't see a tree you like, there is another lot just down the street.
4. Fluffy or Branchy
What I mean by fluffy or branchy is the variety of tree you want.  Do you want a Pine, Spruce, Fir or Cypress tree?  Each type has a different look to them, longevity, and needle retention.  If you want something that you can by in mid November and last until Christmas you want a Douglas Fir.  If you want a nice green tree you want a Pine tree.  A White Pine is perfect for its visual appeal and strong scent.  Use this guide to find the perfect type of tree for you.
5.  Area you are putting the tree in
Do you have a nice large open space or do you have just a few feet to spare?  Determining the space you have to place a tree will help you make a better decision.  With only a few feet to spare, you may not want a 8 ft Noble Fir tree.
A Christmas tree is one of the first decorations purchased for the holiday season.  Their beauty and the fun of decorating them is the official start to having a Merry Christmas.  Whether real or artificial, pine or fir, flocked or not, fluffy or branchy, the the perfect tree is out there for your family! Choosing a Christmas tree may seem like a simple task, but bringing home the wrong tree can cause a lot of stress.  Use this information to find the prefect Christmas tree for you and your family.
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Pat Champion
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My family prefers the real we make it a tradition to go out and pick our family together making lots of happy memories.

Dec 11, 2014 03:29 AM