Buying a New Construction Home

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 Buying a New Construction Home

       Buying a new construction home can bring a lot of fun and excitement to your life. There is  just something "majical" about being able to semi-customize a home to your liking. A home where you will create new memories. ew homes Powder Springs

All of this euphoria can be fleeting or lasting; depending on how informed you are about buying a new contruction home, and your expectations of the overall process.

      If you do decide to take on this venture; there is a lot that goes on "behind the scenes" before you get to the finished product. Once you select the ideal location and neighborhood, you may visit several new home communities before settling on the one  that you feel is right for your lifestyle.       Search Homes for Sale

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Walking into "the model" home can be quite an experience;both emotionally and visually. Usually you're greeted with pleasant smells, and appealing decor. As the tour continues; it can almost seem as though you're receiving a warm embrace from a long lost friend. As you're enveloped and your senses are linger just a little bit longer- "this is where you belong".



When buying a new construction home, do not assume that your home will be a replica of "the model" home. There is a reason that the home on display is referred to as a "model". It usually showcases the best of everything the builder has to offer.

Uncommon items that are considered "an upgrade" and usually go unoticed include;

  • Fixtures (faucets, lighting, door knobs)              Homes for sale Powder Springs
  • Fireplace (standard trim is usually vinyl)                  
  • Shower heads ("to rain" or "not to rain")
  • Carpet (plush vs a cheaper version)
  • Concrete patio under the deck
  • Window treatments (size & type of blinds)
  • Toilets (quality, height & durability may be sub-standard)
  • Electrical wiring (may not be standard to accommodate flat screens or surround sound)

A few more things to keep "top of mind"

      If window treatments are considered "standard" ...this may mean just on the front windows of the home. If it is a 2-story home; window treatments may only be "standard" on the main level of the home.

       In regard to carpeting; the standard padding may be a cheaper 1-ply version, and not a multi- layered padding that can contribute to overall softness and less leg fatigue.


Major items often over looked

        When buying a new construction home, the Builder's home warranty is usually a 10 year plan and may only cover the structure of the home..with 2 years for electrical wiring.                                

        Warranties often do not cover installations from sub contractors.  For example; if the tub or some other item was incorrectly installed. It also may not cover mold that may result from such deficiences. In essence; if you have a related situation after you close, that you feel is a result of poor construction you could very well be stuck with the repairs and the bill. To protect your investment, be certain to find out if your home-owners insurance would cover these situations (most may not). Specify your needs and concerns in order to get the right coverage.

       Drawings by the builder are only renderings, and the final product may differ from the copy you were initially given. If the sample drawing showed double garage doors; your home may be completed with a single garage door.

      If you are considering buying a new construction home, it's okay to get excited and visualize your life "unfolding" in the home of your dreams. When it's all said and done; builders want to sell their homes; not hold onto themnew home community

The key to successfully buying a new construction home,       and having a wonderful experience while doing so all boils down to effective negotiating and;

  • Asking the right questions (be specific)
  • Remaining focused on just how much home you can afford
  • Reading the fine print and understanding the builder's contract
  • Seeking the help of an experienced Realtor to represent & protect your interests

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