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Build Your Business by Building TrustWhy should anyone choose you as their real estate agent?

Your response could be any number of things:

  • "I've been in the business for many years"
  • "I'm the neighborhood expert"
  • "I do a lot of marketing"
  • "I work by referral"

But all of these reasons contain a common thread...Trust.

All Sales Require Trust

At the root of all sales is trust.  The consumer must first trust the person they are working with.  Whether that trust is warranted is a different story.  If you are looking to be a successful real estate agent, you must first find a way to build trust with the prospective client.  There is nothing complex or difficult about building trust, it just takes time and it cannot be rushed.  So how do you build trust?

Who Are You?

Who are you?  Are you honest?  Do you have integrity?  Are you professional?  These are traits that shine through in your personality and how you do business.  These are qualities that build trust with strangers.  If you have these characteristics you will attract like minded people and the trust building will be easier.  You will also know when you encounter potential clients who do not have these traits that you need to "pass" on the opportunity to work with them.  You see, trust works both ways.  You need to trust the people you decide to work with, and they need to trust you.  Your professionalism, honesty and integrity will be apparent in your conversions with prospects, when you meet with them and when you show them property.  Never underestimate the truth.

Be a Resource

Give your prospects lots of useful information.  Information on the housing stock, the housing market and financial data.  Provide information that will help them gain a better understanding of the buying and selling process without feeling any pressure.  The key is to provide this information without expecting anything in return.  Give and give freely.

It's All About the Prospect

When you talk to or meet with a prospective client, make them feel important.  It doesn't matter what the price point is, all clients are important and add not only to your bottom line, but to you skill set as a real estate agent.  When you are with a client you should be fully present.  They should feel as if you have nothing else to do at that time but be with them.  As they talk, listen...really listen.  Focus on what they are telling you and not telling you.  You will have plenty of time to talk.

Take it Slow

Trust takes time to build, if you try to rush it you will lose their trust.  Prospective clients can smell desperation a mile away.  While you may need the commission from the sale, you cannot let that show through your words and your actions.  You will find that it takes some people a couple of years to make the decision or be in the position to buy a house.  Don't get frustrated, remember being a successful real estate agent is a marathon, not a sprint and you are in this for the long haul.

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