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The luxury home market is a tricky one. Luxury listings are faced with a much smaller buyer pool who can afford to buy luxury homes. When markets turn, the luxury market is usually the first to suffer. It isn’t enough to just have a luxury home listed in the MLS. It is important to find the right real estate team who possess the ability to think outside the box and have the skills to go above and beyond to get luxury homes sold in a tight market. The Grogan Group is that team.

When competing to sell a luxury home you have to rely on creativity and excellent marketing skills. Bringing creativity to the table will allow your listing to stand out among the mass of million dollar homes listed and will enable the online presence to reach more people then just a standard MLS listing. One of the ways The Grogan Group is reaching more buyers in the luxury market is by adding short lifestyle films to their marketing toolkit. These short flicks usually involve hired actors/models to be filmed in a storyline showcasing the lifestyle the home provides. It may be a day in the life storyline or even something fun and quirky. These videos are not aimed at showcasing the entire home life a walk-thru or virtual tour, but instead they aim to create interest and give a viewer a glimpse into the life a homeowner could experience in the home. The goal of course would be to bring buyers into the home with a showing appointment to see more then they witnessed in the film. Here is an example of one of our films.


In this day and age buyers find their next homes by searching online 100% of the time.

Sell Luxury HomesYour online viewing is your first viewing for all buyers. If you do not impress online, they will not make the appointment to see your home in person. It is essential to have a professional real estate photographer and stager present your home to the public online. This is a must with any luxury listing and should be a must for any home for sale. Staging a home and having it photographed by a professional could mean the difference in your days on market and the price of the offers you receive. It could cost you thousands.

Other creative techniques that can be utilized include using models in our photography, creating personalized websites for luxury properties and hosting large and elegant parties at the home inviting local dignitaries and celebrities. Each of these allow our luxury listings to stand out among their competitors.

Sell Luxury HomesWhen marketing a luxury home, you can not just hire a local expert. You must hire an International Expert. International buyers made up 7% of the total U.S. residential market last year. They usually pay a higher median price and paid cash 62% of the time.

This is definitely a buyer group we want to tap into for our luxury listings. By creating specific ads and blogs that target our international buyers and by placing our listings on the international MLS, our luxury homes are being seen across the world, not just locally. We are getting our luxury listings in the path of opportunity and providing them an extra level of service.

Social media, blogs, and Youtube also must be in any skilled luxury agent’s arsenal.Sell Luxury Homes If your home is not targeting buyers through Facebook ads, blogs and video productions, you are being done an injustice. This is a huge part of our marketing campaign with luxury listings. Facebook ad targeting is a huge resource and is bringing buyers to our team in record numbers. Again, the idea is to put our listings in the path of opportunity in as many places as possible. This includes Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc..

When choosing an agent to market and sell your luxury home, look outside the local name that has been selling for years and years and doing things the same way they always have. Look outside the box for innovation, creativity and skill. Look for energy and the desire to always find new ways to sell homes in any market. The Grogan Group is your real estate team to provide the innovation and skill you need to get your luxury home sold. Call us today (682) 422-7176

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Kevin Mackessy
Blue Olive Properties, LLC - Highlands Ranch, CO
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Definitely agree with YouTube videos for walk throughs.  Helps the buyer understand the dimensions of the house better. 

Dec 16, 2014 04:13 AM