Tips in Selecting Interior Paint Color for your Glenbrooke Condo

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Tips in Selecting Interior Paint Color for your Glenbrooke Condo


Whether you are planning to sell now or in some future date, it is always important to keep the interior of your Glenbrooke condo well-maintained. Paints on the walls and ceilings fade, get chipped or cracked during the normal course of living.  If you’re planning to do some repainting  or just adding some accents, but a little unsure on which colors to use, here are some tips on selecting the right color scheme for your home’s interior.

Here are tips in selecting the best interior color for your Glenbrooke condo.

  • Red is known for its activating, exciting and powerful effect. It can stimulate a faster heartbeat and raise up a room’s energy level. Red is a good choice of color for the living room or dining room because it will draw people together and start conversation.  It can also stimulate appetite! However, red is not recommended for bedrooms and rooms where you want to relax.


  • Yellow is a warm, sunny color that encourages optimism. It’s energizing effect is best suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Although generally considered as a happy color, yellow can have some negative effects.  Studies revealed that people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms and babies will cry more in a yellow room than in any other color.


  • Blue has a calming, relaxing effect which makes it the perfect color for bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue can also bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.  You just have to be careful when choosing which shade of blue to use. Lighter shades of blue can give your room a soothing mood while darker shades of blue can give a chillier feel to a room.


  • Green is the most restful color to the eye.  It symbolizes nature and is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax.  Green is a great choice for the family room, living room and bedroom.


  • Purple connotes luxury and sophistication. Either love it or hate it, but you cannot deny that it’s very feminine and romantic.


  • Orange is an energetic color and great in bringing out excitement. While not really advisable as the main color scheme for your living room or bedroom, orange is perfect for your exercise room as it can stimulate your enthusiasm for working out.


Remember this general rule when choosing colors,   the light ones can make your home look expansive and airy, while dark colors exudes sophistication and warmth.  Also, if you’re planning on selling your Glenbrooke condo in Bridgewater NJ, consider the appeal your choice of colors might have on potential buyers.  You’d want your home to be appealing to them as well.


Picking the right colors can help you achieve the desired mood you want. Want to know more about other Glenbrooke Condos in Bridgewater NJ and their respective color schemes? Visit,


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Petra Norris
Lakeland Real Estate Group, Inc. - Lakeland, FL
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Hi Michael, thanks for sharing this great read! The right color can enhance feelings of health and being and transform a home's interior.

Dec 18, 2014 11:06 PM
Katerina Gasset
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Hi, Michael. I've always admired your insights on home decorating! Keep up the good work!

Feb 16, 2015 03:43 PM