The importance of having a local expert on your team!

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I have been using Madison Tire and Auto for many years now - its a low key place. No flashy web presence, not on the fashionable side of town. Just good service - they have put tires on many of my vehicles, and even a horse trailer or two.

A few years ago, Scott joined the team. He brought with him a passion for keeping older import vehicles chugging along - important to me, because until then, there was no one in Madison equipped to diagnose and repair things on my older volvos.

This week, Scott proved he's worth his weight in gold.

On my way to my golf groups annual Christmas party, I heard a terrible grinding sound coming from beneath my car. It got worse, and in the interest of not making a bad situation worse, I headed back home immediately.

Next morning, I cautiously headed into Madison - about 10 miles, and drove straight to Madison Tire. Scott hopped in with me and we drove it around the block - then dropped me at my office and headed to the shop to unravel my mystery. I asked him to do an oil check, and make sure it was road ready for my upcoming holiday to NY and KY.

Hollis called to let me know the car was ready, and said Scott could swing my to pick me up - what great service is that! Scott had a present for me - this big chunk of gravel complete with metal scrape marks - that had "jumped" into my car from my 1/2 mile long gravel drive, and landed in just the right place.rock The tumbler effect was in deed making a racket. Had I driven fast enough backwards, I likely might have dislodged the rock myself, but in the meantime, Scott had retreived it along with a handfull of smaller pieces.

The bill? $77 total, for the oil change and checkup. Rock retrieval, complimentary.

The value of having a local expert on your team? Priceless.


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