Best Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas gifts ideas

Still searching for Cool Christmas gifts to give for your friends and family? Maybe this can help!


Great for Teens

Smart Phone Projector


      This Smart Phone Projector projects the images onto the wall so you get a much better viewing experience, without the use of wires! Cleverly leaving space to plug your speakers in, the projector helps you create a cinema in your own room!



iPhone Arcadie


      Using free games from the app store, you can slot your iPhone into the back of the Arcadie unit, and voila, you have your very own arcade unit. Complete with 8 way joystick and dual action buttons, this awesome unit will have you feeling like you’re wiling away the days with your mates, even when you’re sat in a classroom! Play classics like Arcadie Alien Invaders, Arcadie Blasteroids, Ping Pong.


Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow


     This soft pillow is not only a place to put your sleepy head but it has speakers built inside so you can relax with no headphones and listen to your music in your pillow. The speakers are inside of the pillow and make it a lot easier and more comfortable to listen to your music as you nod off. 



Great for Adults

Self Stirring Mug


     The Self Stirring Mug is the consummate gift for that person who is simply...well - lazy! Simply flick the switch and the mug stirs away to your hearts content. Simple! It really is effortless - all you need to do is insert the batteries and it's ready to go.



Heated Back & Seat Massager


     It has five massage motors, pulse, tapping, rolling, auto and kneading which are designed to relieve weary muscles. These five massage motors are expertly positioned at key points on the chair and the soothing heat targets the lumbar area. You can customise your massage to suit you by choosing to turn on or off the various parts of the massager meaning you can tailor your relaxation to exactly what you need.


Fetch My Keys - Key Finder

     This brilliant dog shaped Fetch My keys - Key Finder is the perfect way to keep a pooch in the house, whilst keeping your keys safe as houses! Fetch My keys alerts you when you lose your keys down the back of the sofa, or leave them in the fridge - simply whistle, and voilà, Fetch My Keys begins to bleep, and the dog’s nose flashes - meaning you’ll not only be able to hear where your keys are, you’ll also be guided straight to them by the nose of the dog! Talk about being the best friend a man (or woman) can have!


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