Here We Go Again

Real Estate Agent with Encore Realty

   I am wondering if the rest of you get tired of reading, or hearing, all of the negativity in the news?  Sure, the economy could be better, but it's not like we need to go jump off of a bridge either.  All I seem to hear is how bad the housing market is and how home prices are dropping like a rock.  I find that funny because people are still calling my office, still stopping by and the agents I work with are selling lots of homes.  But we never hear that do we?  No. It is always the negative we hear and see in the media.  Let's face it, the end of the world stories are what get the most attention.  

   Most consumers believe what they hear in the media.  If we aren't an expert on a topic or at least know a little about it, we believe what we hear and read.  However, we have to remember that a Realtor knows a lot more about what is going on in the housing market than a news reporter.  So what is the best way to get the real story?  Call or email a Realtor.  If you just want to ask some questions and you are hesitant to call because you believe you will be sold something, tell them you just need some questions answered.  If someone calls or emails me just wanting information, I am not going to bug them until they buy something from me, that is just not good business.  Bottom line, don't let the media scare you and don't use them as your only source of information.  Call a professional and get some answers.  Enjoy your day.




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