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My top tips for First Time Home Buyers

Real Estate Agent

Now that you’ve decided to buy a home, revenue or recreation property in the Mississauga area, ask yourself what specific type of neighbourhood or investment you’re interested in. List your space needs, including:

-living space requirements (i.e. how many bedrooms, bathrooms)
-type of property (i.e. townhome, condo, rancher, acreage)
-proximity to schools, recreation, waterfront, views
-available financing
-target price range

It’s important to be realistic when you’re thinking about a down payment and setting a price range. It’s a good idea to talk things over with your real estate sales professional. I am here to provide you with the advice you need to make owning property in Mississauga and the surrounding area a reality. Are you are first time home buyer? I will guide you through each step serving your best interests.

Once you’ve identified the features you want in a property, the search begins. As your Realtor, I will use a variety of tools to find properties that meet your specifications. One of the important search tools will be the local listing services which I use to provide you with all the current listings that meet your needs. I will show you properties listed with Sutton Mississauga and all other local companies.

As your Agent I am here to serve and protect you. I will provide you with past sales and revenues, ensure you have seen everything in your price range and give you a full explanation of the various intricacies in Mississauga. I will recommend property managers, building inspectors and lawyers and notaries, knowledgeable in Mississauga conveyances.

I will explain all of the costs involved in a purchase of Mississauga homes, condos and acreage.

When you decide to tour some properties that meet your criteria, keep in mind some of the following:

-is the location to my liking?
-is the home near to schools?
-what are the recent sales?
-can I afford it?
-is this my dream home?
-if a revenue property, is my ownership limited?
-what is the revenue history?

Once you find the property you want, I will work with you to develop an offer. In the offer, I will specify how much you’re willing to pay. State when the offer expires, and suggest a closing date for the transaction. I will also insert subject conditions for your benefit. You will be satisfied with all of the conditions before you proceed to completion.

Some common subject conditions are:

-Receiving financing suitable to you (interest rate, amount, term, amortization period etc)
-Receiving and approving all documents pertaining to a Strata Corporation (financials, past meeting minutes, by-laws, rules and regulations and a Form B disclosure Statement.)
-Receiving and approving a building inspection report.
-Receiving and approving independent GST advice.
-Receiving and approving independent legal advice regarding the State of Title.

Attending at the Municipal Hall and receiving and approving all information pertaining to the property. (zoning, occupancy permit, lot size, encroachments, maximum building size, unauthorized accommodation, outstanding orders etc)
Other subject clauses may include, attending at the health department to enquire about matters pertaining to septic or sewer, checking on your right to a building warranty etc.

All of the subject conditions will allow time for you to be satisfied and will be removable in writing by a specific date. I will help you select the appropriate times for subject removal.

You will also receive a Property Condition Disclosure Statement provided by the Sellers. This will disclose any defects of which they are aware, and basic information about the property.

As your Agent it is my duty to provide you with quality service that is grounded upon the utmost care, integrity, confidentiality and loyalty