How to Make your Glenbroke Townhome Mold-Resistant

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How to Make your Glenbroke Townhome Mold-Resistant


Do you know that there are more than a thousand types of molds found in homes and building throughout the US, including Bridgewater NJ homes sold? Though some molds are relatively harmless (but they surely look unpleasant), the very worst of them, typically referred to as toxic molds, can lead to blindness, brain damage or possibly even death.

Here are tips to make your  Glenbrooke towhome mold-resistant.

The presence of molds on walls, ceilings and window surfaces can be easily prevented through regular housekeeping of your Glenbroke Townhome in Bridgewater NJ. But in order to control mold growth, it is necessary to control either the food source or the moisture source. Here are some simple ways that you can take to make your home mold-free.


Control the Food Source

Mold may feed on dust mites, insect fragments, dead skin cells, pollen and other organic matters inside. Some building components may contain excellent food sources for mold. These may include paper, wood products, greases, wall paper glue, fabrics and others. To control the food source inside the home, you may:


  • Regularly clean surfaces where dust accumulates
  • Change your HVAC filter often
  • Use vacuum with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter on carpeting and upholstered furniture items
  • Use damp cloth instead of feather duster to avoid spreading dust
  •  Allow sunlight in


Control the Moisture Source

Moisture is a mold's number one ally and is often produced by a variety of everyday activities such as bathing, laundering, humidifiers and others. Too much moisture in the air (high relative humidity) leads to unwanted condensation on cool surfaces of your house.  When the moisture drips down, it can leak on wall cavities causing hidden mold growth on wood and paper backed wall board.  To prevent this from happening in your residence, you should:


  • Fix leaks
  • Dry wet clothes immediately
  • Open your windows on warm, sunny days to increase ventilation
  • Ensure that the temperature in your home is warm to prevent condensation
  • Keep your air HVAC systems clean


If you think your Glenbrooke condo in Bridgewater NJ might be having mold problems, make sure to contact mold removal professionals. Or, if you’re still in the process of buying a home, work only with the best real estate agents in Bridgewater NJ to ensure that the one you’ll buy will be mold-free.


By taking the preventive measures listed above you can avoid potential health problems and make your residence mold-resistant.  To know more about other homes for sale in Bridgewater NJ, visit



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Michael Downer - Mold resistance is something that is important, you did a great job in explaining some tips to acheive it.

Dec 22, 2014 09:16 PM
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Your tips are spot on, Michael. To avoid the growth of molds, you have to control the source.

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Michael, this is an excellent post on how to protect homes from molds. Will keep these tips in mind!

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