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ActiveRain awards points to our members as a way to motivate them to engage with others and share their expertise.  You can earn points through community events like entering a contest, taking a survey, attending a meet-up, but most of the points you accumulate will come from the daily interaction you have on ActiveRain.

What makes ActiveRain different from any other online community is the willingness of agents and real estate professionals to help one another in their business and in life.  Face it… real estate is a tough gig and you need a strong support network to survive!

This post will walk you through all of the essential elements of our scoring system.


When Points Are Awarded

We have about 50 different “scoring events” that are running behind the scenes.  These events are constantly evolving based on feedback we get from the community.  Here are scoring events the "point buckets" that you'll see on your points page aligned

Notice: ActiveRain changes the scoring system on occasion as we release new upgrades or respond to people abusing the system.  We'll do our best to keep this up-to-date, but please use this as a reference tool only.


Blogging Points

Scoring Events Points Frequency
You published a new blog post 225 10 per week 
Your blog post was featured 100 1 per day
A member bookmarked your blog post 25 3 per day
Your blog post received a new comment 6 50 per day
A member "Liked" your blog post 5 25 per day
A member re-blogged your post 25 1 per day
You reblogged another member's post 25 1 per day
A member subscribed to comments on your blog 
0 N/A


Commenting Points

Scoring Events Points Frequency
You commented on a blog post 25 20 per day
You tagged a member in a comment   0 N/A


Product Reviews

Scoring Events Points Frequency
You submitted a product review   50 1 per day


Profile Points

We have numerous scoring events for our members as they set up or enhance their profile page.  In general, you'll earn 25-100 points for every section the first time you update it.


Q&A Points

Scoring Events Points Frequency
You published a new question 10 1 per day 
Your question was featured 50 1 per day
A member bookmarked your question 25 3 per day
You answered another member's question 15 20 per day
A member "Liked" your answer 10 5 per day
Your question received an answer 0 N/A
A member "Liked" your question 0 N/A
A member subscribed to answers on your blog 
0 N/A
You tagged a member in an answer 0 N/A
You "Liked" a question 0 N/A


Invite Points

Scoring Events Points Frequency
Your invitation was accepted by someone you invite to ActiveRain   250 20 per day


Other Points

Scoring Events Points Frequency
You logged in today 100 1 per day
A member "Followed" you 50 5 per day
You "Followed another member 10 5 per day
You reported a confirmed spam question, answer, or comment   5 5 per day
You bookmarked another member's blog post 0 N/A
You "Liked" another member's blog post 0 N/A


Points May be Deducted from Your Account

Our goal is to make our points a reward system, not to be punitive and deduct points all the time. That being said, there are certain scoring events that can be reversed (you lose the points).  Examples include:

  • Deleting a blog post
  • Deleting a comment
  • Unfollowing a member

We have a rule in the system stating that any points are locked in after six months. So, if you go in and delete an outdated blog post from 2012, you won’t be penalized.

There are also times when we will deduct points from a member's account if we feel they are blatantly abusing the points system.

View Your Points At Any Time

Members can navigate to the "Points" page on their computer or phone to see how they are tracking on points this month and to see the total points accumulated on their account.

The points are organized into smaller "buckets" so you quickly see where your engagement is strongest.

Earn 10% of the Points for Every Person You Invite

One of the fastest ways to accumulate points on ActiveRain is by inviting new members and coaching them on how to engage within the community.

When a member accepts your invitation, we attach them to your account in our database. At the end of each month, our system will award you a bonus equal to 10% of any points your invitees earned.  These points are awarded as a single lump sum.


We always points on ActiveRain to be a positive experience for you.  They should motivate you to engage with your peers and to share your secrets in the real estate industry’s top online community.  If you ever see something that feels out of line you are welcome to let us know about it.

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