Q&A - Do You Need a Real Estate License to Be a Property Manager?

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Property Management LicenseQuestion - I have a neighbor who is being transferred out of state for his job.  He plans on renting his current home out, and does not want to hire a management company.  He says he trusts me more than any manager and likes the fact that I live next door.  He would like me to find and screen tenants for him, and then after they move in, collect the rents and handle maintenance calls.  Do I need a license for this in North Carolina?

Answer - Yes! Check out this quick list of state by state requirements.  In all but six states, you need some sort of real estate license to manage properties for others.  There are a handful that require a specific property manager license, but most simply require a real estate broker's license.  There are a few exceptions to this rule.  Often, if you are working as an employee (think apartment complex) or if you are doing non-real estate broker tasks like collecting rent addressed to the owner, showing property, etc, then you also may be exempt.  

You can manage your own investments without a license.


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